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It means to give birth.

Beautiful Momma

saint bernard puppies,
A Very Big Pregnant Saint Bernard....The Saint Bernard Puppies Will Be Born Soon

Pregnancy and Birth
Pregnancy in dogs last approximately 63 days, research states "56-69 days". Small breeds may deliver earlier an larger breeds sometimes deliver later than 63
days.  My girls have always been right on target at 63 days.

What are we doing during this time? We are recording the Moms tempature daily and watching for it to drop. A normal temperature is between 101 and 102.5.
When the Mother dogs temperature drops below 100 she should deliver puppies within the next twenty-four hours.
I get a little anxious and very excited during this time.

The pups are in sacks that allows them room to move around. During the pregnancy, nearing the birth day one can see the tummy moving as the babies are very active. 
I tell my friends "the popcorn is popping".  I see little movement like hand and feet pushing.  Durng this stage,
I feel the whole babies bodies move.  They are getting in position.

akc saint bernard puppies,
This is her Whelping room in her Whelping Box

June 11, 2011
Yodel tempature is now 99.9 at 10:00 P.M.......she is moving along right on schedule  :)  
Puppies will be here soon.  She is panting and she is up and down.  She does not know if she should come or go. 
For that matter, either do I, I never let her out of my sight. I am sleeping with her in the 2nd living room.   Unless someone is with her always, I do not leave her.  

What will we be doing for the next day or two, I will explain the best that I can.

The birth of the Saint Bernard puppies will begin with part 1 of 3 Stages of Labor

During the first stage of labor begins with cervix dilation.  Her cervix will begin to open (dilate) and her uterus will contract called (uterine contractions).

Usually my Girls at this stage are very restless, they are panting heavy. They pant so much I am exhausted. I stay on pins and needles as I can't see how much they have dilated.  We pray and we wait!!!

This is when I usually call my friend and say, "Today"s the day", or I think today is the day. I always let her know what is
happening.  My friends are incredible that call to be an alarm clock.   

They say and it is true many Momma dogs will not eat.  This is not the case with my girls.  They eat all the way.  I do not feed heavy food,
like tonight, Yodel ate Chicken, some vegetables and some Peanut Butter.  They all love Peanut Butter.
 Yodel for the most part is quiet except when I leave her, or perhaps when she is uncomfortable.

The First Stage  is the longest stage of labor and it is the longest for us too.

Yodel is sleeping off and on during this time.  She must be completely exhausted!!!

Her whelping room is our second living room.   She is perfectly closed off, it's quiet and has a dim light for her sleeping.  It also has bright
lights available so that I will be able to see when the delivery starts.

I have some pillows for me and all the whelping supplies for the Saint Bernard puppies.  I am ready and although this is not new, I still have to tell  myself to breath  :)   Each time it is the unknowing, that is unnerving until you realize everything is going great.  It can turn in a second and you must to be ready.  It is a fast paced event with each pup.

The birth day is such an exciting incredible, I could never express what I feel, seeing my baby having babies!!! We are a great team.

Please, don't think that describing the excitement is to encourage or suggest  that anyone should start breeding.  It is hard, long, exhausting
and emotional draining. The fabulous, exciting and fun part, believe me, it's all comes with a high price of hard.  It is draining and can come with expensive bills. That is not
 to mention that it can be very traumatic and heartbreaking too.

Stage Two, Here we go!!!

The second stage of labor consist of uterine contractions. As this stage progresses the placental water sacks break and fluid is passed.  When the
"water" breaks, it is this sac that ruptures and this fluid that leaves the Mother's body.

This lets us know the puppies will/should be here within 2 hours.  When a pup is born a Placentas is to be expelled.   We count them just as one should.

As the pups are born, the mother wants to lick them and clean them, they are her babies!!! Yodel will stimulate them and it help get the circulation going.
 Momma, has to stimulate the breathing in a puppy.  She licks each of her pups and cleans them up  :)  They are bonding as they have just met!!! 
It is important for them both.

Sometimes the Momma are so big and full they can not reach back to the pups easily.  Also if she does not tear the sac than I need to.  That has to be done
fast so the pups can get air to breath.  I try to wait and let her do it but sometimes we think the licking is taking too long.  We are humans trying to do
what is best.

 The Momma dog will tear off the umbilical cord.  This makes me nervous as it can be too close.  I have only experience a hemorrhage once and I tied it off
successfully.  I have never forgotten, nor will I as it was scary.  The  common cause of an umbilical hernia as the result of the umbilical cord being severed too close.
 If this happens it usually closes within six months and if not, it will be closed during a spaying.

I let Momma lick but I am right there with scissors, Iodine and dental floss.
Momma will eat some of the afterbirths, we don't let her have them all.  Too much can be too much.  I put the pups on Momma and that help her with the next
contractions  :)   When the pups eat, it stimulate her to have a contraction.   It is Miraculous!!!

akc saint bernard puppies for sale

I always say that I will have videos and photos of exactly what I would like to show. I have been saying that since our first Saint Bernard puppy birth. That was before video camera were in every home.  Well, I still plan on that.  The camera man is  also usually too busy!!!

 When the time comes though there never seems to be enough time :)  It's a busy time and our hands are full with bundles of Saint Bernard puppy joy.

After we know Mom has had her last pup, it is now we can begin to relax.  When we know we don't have to watch the clock, she is feeling fine and she has
 had something to drink things are going great. Pups are eating, sleeping.......we sigh and wheew, we did it!!!  I spend time caring for Mom and tell her
how great she has done.  We thank God for our babies, health of the Mom and for taking care of us all.

Akc Saint Bernard Puppies for sale in Michigan

I am so lucky to be able to do this.  I love it and we love all of our Saints and all of the Saint Bernard puppies.

Thank you for your interest!!!   We love our Saints so much and we love to talk about them.  All Saint Bernard lovers just love to share stories,  experiences and photos   :)

Thank you, 

989/ 460-7960

If you plan on breeding, plan, get ready and be ready.

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