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Vitamins For Puppies Saint Bernard Puppies and Big Dogs - NuVet NuJoint Supplements to protect your

We Love NuVet and NuJoint!!!

We count on NuVet . 
Our puppies are started on NuVet Plus at Seven weeks.
 NuVet Is
An Immune Builder!!!  

The baby Saint Bernard puppies start at 8 weeks.   The Veterinarian community
recommends this for GIANT BREEDS.

To order: 1-800-474-7044  

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You Have A Healthy, Beautiful, Akc Saint Bernard Puppy

its protection for your puppy for a lifetime. 

Prevent problems before they begin. 

NuVet Plus
It's an Immune Builder.

We spend a lot of time  caring for our Big Dogs. We provide the best possible nutrition to ensure a long and healthy life.  We provide our Big Saint Bernards  and the Saint Bernard puppies with NuVet Vitamins supplements.  I start the pups on NuJoint supplements at eight weeks.   It is recommended that all GIANT BREEDS get a joint supplement.   They are growing rapidly. 

Press on this link to be taken to the page.  It is that simple.   NuVet and NuJoint

Vitamins, supplements, whatever you choose to call them they fight against what is known as FREE RADICALS.  No one knows where all the Cancer is coming from.  I hear so much about it :(  The allergies that result in our pets getting sick  help prevent problems.   I always take Vitamins, why wouldn't I give them to all my Boys and Girls!!! I try to cover all the gaps and with NuVet, I believe that I am doing the very best that I can do for them.  Vitamins that I trust for my Saint Bernard Puppies and Big Dogs.

These supplements come in a great tasting chewable tablet that the Saints love!!!  I believe they are the  best supplements I have found.  There are vitamins in NuVet but one can not classify them as Vitamins because there is more and they do more!!!  They are made under better supervision and I really do appreciate that fact.  A USDA Lab means safety.  I am not interested in getting the cheapest things from China, no thanks. 

  Our dogs are beautiful, they keep shiny coats, strong clean teeth, sharp vision, and are keeping a strong immune system that fights all the "bad stuff".   Again, I take supplements, why would I risk not providing Nuvet to my Girls and Boys? 

We believe in NuVet and now we ask that you use NuVet Plus for your Saint puppy.  If you ever have any joint problems, get right on the NuJoint.  One thing that I have to say, it these are not just vitamins.   Visit the website, NuVet  and read for yourself.

 I have a section on NuVet in the contract because I do believe in it.   These puppies are mine before they are anyone else's.  I love all of my babies and I want them to have the best.   You had to fill out many papers and questions during the adoption process.   It's because I love my little Akc Saint Bernard Puppies.  They are healthy when they come into this world and I want to help them even when I can't be there to hold them. 

NuVet Plus is designed to combat free radicals and assist in providing your pet with the vitamins, minerals herbs and antioxidants it needs to maintain a healthy lifestyle into old age.  The dogs love it!  Just look at the ingredients.  They taste of chicken and Liver, yumm to your Saints.  It's a treat everyday!  I honestly can't get them out of my pocket before they know they are in there.
  It also aids in the proper functioning of the heart, nerves and muscles.  They are just as important to the Saints as our Vitamins are to us.

If you don't take Vitamins, you might want to rethink that one!!!  

Using NuVet Plus  helps our Saint to build a strong immune systems and  that greatly reduces the onset of these all too common problems:

þ Scratching                 

þ Itching

þ Hot Spots

þ Allergies

þ Arthritis

þ Premature Aging

þ Low Energy Levels

þ Cataracts

þ Digestive Problems

þ Heart Disease

þ Tumors

Order your NuVet 
and NuJoint - Here.

See all the other products.
I do use many of them and will not introduce anything unless I use it  

 Allergies, skin and coat problems, arthritis, tumors, cancer, cataracts, strokes and heart disease are just a few of the 50 major diseases caused by free radicals.

Unfortunately these diseases lead to suffering and premature death in our pets.

Veterinarians, Physicians, Pharmacists, and Nutritional Scientists of NuVet Labs have blended a precise combination of human grade, natural vitamins, minerals, herbs and antioxidants proven to combat the ravages of free radicals. The lab is a human USDA regulated lab just like where human products are made.
The is the only one in the United States.

It is not too late to start  senior dogs on NuVet. Give them the added protections, have your read about the high rates of disease pets are getting? I read so much and I try to figure out why this, why that.   No one has the answer except things to avoid certain substances but we can't avoid all the "bad stuff" so I must have NuVet.   I am as cautious as I can be!!!   I love my Saints and if NuVet helps, I would of course use it!!!

My belief is in  NuVet Plus and NuJoint.  It's what I believe in, it is what works to help keep my big and little babies protected.

I don't drive without a seat beat and I don't let my Saints go without NuVet .




My Baby, Happy.

To Order NuVet  or NuJoint and all the other NuVet Lab Products that we use.

Call 1-800-474-7044

You will need Order Code 81909
Autoship discount is available.

Boost the Immune is the only defense they have.

Keep your dog healthy for life!

These are not available in stores

Order directly from the USDA LAB.

NuJoint Plus
Natural Anti-Inflammatory Hip and Joint Therapy
Available for Dogs

Hip Dysplasia, Osteoarthritis and Joint Damage

Protect those Joints

NuJoint Plus contains the finest pharmaceutical, human quality ingredients including precise percentages of Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Methylsulfonylmethane ne (MSM) and Vitamin C which will help to quickly and effectively reverse and heal the devastating effects of osteoarthritis.  Major considerations in formulating NuJoint Plus were the pharmaceutical grade quality of ingredients and their healing values, as well as the bio-digestibility and utilization into the cellular framework.  Take a look at these ingredients:

MSM supplies biologically active sulfur to animals joints which has been shown to reduce the rigidity of cells in the soft tissues of the body.  By increasing flexibility, fluids are able to pass more freely from the cell and this helps to reduce cell pressure and in turn reduce inflammation and pain.
Glucosamine provides the joints with the building blocks needed for repair of damage caused by osteoarthritis.  Acting as a catalyst it aids in the production of new cartilage to replace damaged cartilage.  Hip dysplasia occurs when normal wear and tear break down cartilage.
Chondroitin attracts and hold fluids within cartilage helping to lubricate joints, increase mobility and reduce discomfort caused by hip dysplasia.  It also reduces the destructive enzymes which break down cartilage.
Vitamin C promotes cartilage growth and tissue repair and is a key factor in the immune factor.

NuJoint Plus (Dogs)

The last a long time and the price is a good deal  :)  

To Order NuJoint Plus

Or you can call 1-800-474-7044

You will need Order Code #81909
As with everything the more you order the less expensive it is.  Autoship saves, I believe 15%.   I get a case at a time because I have many Saints.   You probably will only need one bottle at a time, unless you find the price break is better.

Let's Do Our Best To Keep Our Saints Healthy For Life!

It is guaranteed, if you are not satisfied the company will give you the money back!!!
   I am tough on what I believe in and not everything gets my vote. These do.

If I suggest it than I use it and believe in it.
  I am not suggesting anything on my site that I do not believe in.  
No one buys space on this site.
Loving Saint Bernards and Saints Bernard Puppies

Pets are like people in more ways than just their

Just as in humans, pets Saint Bernards, puppies and Adults
can come down with a

wide variety of
 illnesses just like people and often times the
treatments for these 
illnesses are the same.  We all use the 

same antibiotics...did you know that, it's true!!!
akc saint bernard puppies for sale 

Pets including Saint Bernards, puppies and Adults can suffer from Allergies, Skin problems, Digestive issues, Joint aches and all manner of organ and glandular failures. Many canines and felines, especially when they get older, have health issues just like their senior counterparts. It's very common for older dogs to have Arthritis and come down with eye cataracts. Many pets will be the victims of Cancer and have to undergo similar treatments as humans experience.  Doctors usually  agree on taking Vitamins it a proven defense.

For many pet owners, having a sick pet is just like having an illness strike one of their children. They want to do whatever they can to find a way to cure their disease and keep them healthy for many years to come. Fundamentally the first line of any remedy is to ensure your pet has a proper diet and balanced nutrition. Supporting your pet’s diet with a high quality food containing essential protein will add critical nutrients to their bodies. Equally important is providing food, that is low on grains, like corn and wheat as well as “meat by-products”. However, even a high quality pet food alone is not enough. Supporting their diet with a nutritional supplement that has been engineered to support vital organs and that has the ingredients to help fight disease causing free radicals can make a big difference in their battle against infections.

Nutritional supplements like NuVet, that contain a rich supply of vitamins, minerals and essential enzymes offer a matrix of antioxidants and amino acids. These ingredients help protect your pet’s body from opportunistic organisms, free radicals and chemicals that can harm them on a daily basis. Formulas that contain high quality minerals, a full range of amino acids, proteins and antioxidants - help to detoxify the blood stream. Keeping the bloodstream clean allows for red blood cells to carry nutrients vital in defending against infection.

As with any vitamin and nutritional supplement, the quality of ingredients combined with the manufacturing process is what determines how effective it will be for your pet. Supplement makers that are willing to put in the time to develop a truly scientifically based formula that has been clinically tested for positive results are the only kind to consider. It should also be noted that superior formulation can only go as far as the processing practices will take them. Companies that use human grade ingredients combined with manufacturing operations that are approved for human products production by the FDA. NuVet is a supplement that goes beyond mere commercial value. It shows a company that puts the health of your pet ahead of everything else.

NuVet Plus® offers a safe and effective way to help prevent and help heal many types of illness found in dogs and cats. Recommended by thousands of top Pet Professionals, NuVet Plus® can help heal your pets illnesses, keep your pet healthy and protected them against sickness and disease.

NuVet Plus® is produced in an FDA approved laboratory used to produce human pharmaceuticals. The use of this kind of high-tech superior quality manufacturing facility is especially uncommon in the pet industry, however NuVet Labs® knows that no greater value can be placed on our beloved four legged member of the family.

NuVet Plus® is guaranteed for purity, safety and effectiveness. As one of the oldest and most respected companies in the pet industry, NuVet Labs® proudly stands behind it's supplement with our 60 day 100% satisfaction guarantee*. Providing reliable service to our customers since 1997.  They  have reportedly helped hundreds of thousands of pets in their quest for health and vitality.

NuVet Plus® – quality, assurance combined with safety and effectiveness

If you don't want to use NuVet than with all due respect, I don't want any one that feels that way to have one of my puppies.  I believe it is a smart choice and I know the evidence to support the facts!!!

 We use them and that is why we believe.  I have seen the results and the great health that my Saints are in.
We do believe that we owe the healthy Living and long lives to these great supplements.

Jackie 989/ 460-7960

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