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Polo For Deb :)


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Hi Deb,
Here are some photos of the Akc Saint Bernard Baby Boy.
Polo is a very loving, gentle and sweet puppy.

He was the last pup born out of the litter. I thought we were finished. Oh look, here comes one more and that was Polo :)

This is Momma and Daddy :)

They are both just wonderful Love Dogs...............true to the Saints gentle nature, devotion and perfection!!!


akc saint bernard puppies for sale

, saint bernard puppies for sale


Happy, Pregnant

saint bernard puppies,


akc saint bernard



Here is your Baby Polo  :)





Hi Mom, I'm just going to play and learn until you get here.

Oh, my other favorites are to love Red Red, play fetch and eat chewies!


I'll be packed and ready to go to our new home :)

I'm Going To Love You To Pieces :)

Chewy :)


Deb, Thank you for taking the trip up.  
We enjoyed meeting you all and the Big Dogs loved it too  :) 
Next time, we will get a Pizza  :)

We would have loved more time playing with all the Big Dogs  :)
I hope you had a safe enjoyable trip back home with your baby Chewbacca!!!  Talk soon
Also, here are the Saint Bernard Gifts
and Saint Bernard Coffee Cups/ Mugs that I promised to put up  :) 

Here are some Saint Bernard Gifts on this page

 Saint Bernard Coffee Cups/Mug on this page

If you are looking for anything that you can't find...just text me and I will try to put it up for you.

We Think About You Often....I hope You Are Feeling Better!!!

989/ 460-7960

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