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        Theft - Accidents - Injuries         
Lock Those Gates
This is alert how important it is to safeguard against injuries, accidents from trauma and pups getting into chemicals. There are bad people in this world and dogs are poisoned.   Fences and gates prevent not only pet leaving but others getting in. Many dogs are being attacked by dogs that get out.  There is also the necessity to prevent theft of your puppy or big dog.  Being a pet owner is a responsibility.

Be cautious and try to always supervise as much as possible
We all should supervise our pets just as we would our children.
Puppies are brand new and are like 2 year olds.  They are into everything
that they can get into.  

(Please, Bless All Of Our Babies)

Puppies will bite electrical wires.  The burns are horrific and these injuries/accidents can and do result in death.   Puppies can pull televisions down on top of them.  Puppies can strangle from drape cords.  Puppies jump off and on beds breaking limbs, hurting spine, suffer brain injuries and knocking out teeth.  They jump in and out of this or that with the parent saying "its no big deal." They grow up after years of this forceful jumping having joint problems. 

I say watch them. In order to keep them safe when you are away I recommend a playpen.   You cannot go wrong with safeguarding your beloved pet.  Can you imagine your pup getting hurt or being stolen???  Whatever you must do to keep them safe is worth it.    Many of my puppy parents have baby sitters.

Dogs are like people and puppies are like kids.   Let kids bring themselves up and you are going to have problems.   Puppies don't know danger of things.  They will drink Anti-Freeze and die.   They get into medication if it is not put away.

  It is up to us.   It is sad that people want to steal dogs.  Bad People are everywhere and sometimes we don't know until it is too late.  I hope this helps you all think about the things that Saint Bernard Breeders hear about.

Saint Bernards are Big Dogs.   They are a Giant Working Breed.
Just those two sentences say so very much.

These two have a 130 pounds difference
(playing unsupervised is not a good idea)

Lock The Gates - It Can Happen 

We are all Saint Bernard Lovers and so many of us have more than one Saint.  There are many of us that have multiple dogs. Our dog are the greatest and we know it  :)   Other people know it too and dogs are being stolen. 
 Lock those gates and never take your eyes off.

Introducing a new pup - Bring a pup home
 We don't always get two pups at the same time and usually never three pups are brought in to a new home at once.   We usually get one at a time and we puppy proof every room in our home.   In every room there is potential danger.   Think ahead and prevent an accident.  Parents are to think ahead.

We introduce our pups to one another and to the Big Dogs while being supervised.

One Must Supervise or There Will Be Problems    

We do not let puppies find their own way as that would be incredibly dangerous.    The Big Dogs are gentle and they love the pups but accidents are not planned.  Luckily, we can sometimes prevent problems.  All of our big dogs are careful with the pups as that is their demeanor but that fact in no way means accidents
will not happen.    Block off any danger zones with lattice.  That is a favorite of mine.  

Don't think that your dogs are different

Saints are Gentle Giants but they love to play.  They carry that powerful force and weight.  We have all felt it.  They are in high gear playing and this can equal trauma to a smaller Saints.  
Big dogs are not immune to injury just because they are big.  The big dogs can plow into an object and get hurt severely.  Just spend some time thinking about your backyard and dangers in the home.   

They can be out alone and start digging and get into Fire Ants or find snakes.  They can dig under fences and get out or be stolen.  We must watch them as we watch our children.  When a Big Dog steps on your foot is can be painful.   Now, think about a child or a puppy getting stepped on.   Always think about the possibilities.   

Big Dogs and small pups can play very hard. Dogs play and everything involves the mouth.   They bark and they will bite one another as they grow and bite everything when teething.

You can imagine, I am sure, how it must feel to a puppy to be bitten by a bigger dog.   I have seen it. 

The story goes like this.   Once there was a puppy that went to a home with many dogs.   The owner was not there, probably never much anyway.    They let others take care of the puppy.   The puppy was bitten many times by the medium dog that they had.  They had numerous dogs and they were unsupervised.   

  One day they pup a prong collar on the puppy, it was a pinch collar. They did this because the puppy had gotten so big that the woman could not make him quit pulling.    She thought that she knew what she was doing but that proved not to be the case. 

Once she pulled the collar the baby froze.  Of course the puppy froze.   When she pulled him the collar pinched him.   It was probably on wrong because the pup cowards down, hit the ground and froze.   The little Saint Bernard Puppy had been traumatized by a horrible irresponsible owner being left alone with other dogs that would bite him.   At one point he was the new pup in the home.   The is also what happens when you do not take your puppy to school they will pull on the leash.  Why not, they have not been taught.   It is a parents responsibility to teach your children.   Do you think it is just a dog.   No, no they are never just a dog.   Go to school and learn from the professionals.   They do this every day.    I believe school is for us more than our pets.    

Crates and PlayPens - Its About Safety.   

Sometimes, no matter how careful we are the accidents still happen.   Accidents happen in life and that is a part of life.   Accidents are sometimes avoidable.   That is why we put fences around pools and pups go to school, have leashes and collars.

The Difference is the degree of the injury 

A new pup getting hurt regardless of how may pay with health and well being. This could result in a lifetime of pain and or restriction etc.  It is so very easy to avoid so many injuries.   At times it may happen right in front of you.  Children fall down and scratch their knees and we are right in front of them.  This will be until the end of time.   All we can do is our best.   

Be Cautious - You Cannot Forget
We are not perfect but we must do our best.   
We all agree that playpens are great.  Standing at the door or having a chair close.  solves many problems.  We microchip, we have Vet care, we do so many things to keep them safe.   It's simple to treat them like children.  They need you to keep them safe :)

Taking Care of your babies and yourself!!!   
Let's all be careful.   It's devastating when injuries happen to dogs, puppies and people.  It is tormenting to the mind and heart when they are hurt, stolen or lost.

Thank you,

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