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We Pamper Our Saints

                                                 AKC Saint Bernard Breeders in Florida

Love to all the Saints that we have be so blessed to have.
akc saint bernard puppies IN FLORIDA

Landscape's Home 


We also call him, "Big Daddy" 

unfortunately, these have to be resized and you cant see the big pictures. 
saint bernard puppies for sale in florida 
saint bernard stud in florida 

Landscape is a long hair (Rough) coat. 
Tremendous markings and an exceptional Saint Bernard.

 We have listed the Sire and Dams, retired and active that we have for breeding.  
Please, check with us if you have questions.


Happy, she is long haired (Rough) coat Saint Bernard.

 Saint Bernard Puppies For Sale In Florida  

and Katie will be in our
Breeding Program ...

Yodel, Our Hero Dog!!!   ,
Sensitive and so very smart.
Agility is her fun.

She loves school and loves to swim.

Yodel is our Hero Dog.

Read about Yodel here!!!

Yodel of The Alps

My Beauty Girl  :) 
Yodel is a beautiful Girl.   She is incredible, in fact.  
Than aren't they all.  

Yodel is a Rough Coat = Long Hair

Red, Mahogany and White.    Her Body is Red and White
 with the Brown on her face and ears.


 Bonnie is our Smooth Coat 

smooth coat saint bernard

saint bernard puppies,
Bonnie Is our Smooth Coat.
 Short Hair

Our Exquisite Lady Katie


 Our Lady Katie



Rough Coat - Long Hair - Mapping.
Our Long Awaited (Pirate Eye)  Very Popular and Sought After Look just as
Half Masks are gaining more popularity!!!  We Love Unique  :)
 Our Eye Candy
Well, that tells you everything.    She is our newest baby.
Picture with Joey, "how to hold a baby safely."

Akc saint bernard puppies for sale in florida

Long Hair and as sweet as pie:)
Roughly 150 - 155 lbs.  Sweetie is a big Girl.
Sweetie Pie
 saint bernard puppies in florida, florida saint bernard puppies,


AKC saint Bernard Puppies - Saint Bernard Studs
This is Rippy as a puppy.


Rough Coat

Our Silly Goose

Rough Coat

Our Baby
Smooth Coat

Our Child
 jackie saint bernard puppies in florida
Smooth Coat Saint Bernard


Should you get a show quality pup? 
That's entirely up to you.  If  you want to join and be in the shows, yes.
It's fun and exciting!  Children get to join in and show too.  It great time to spend with your pup.  Everyone has fun. 

I could throw the names in our pedigree out to you and they would probably mean nothing.  Why should they, there is no reason to know unless you are showing and Breeding.

If you are looking to buy a Champion, the news is;
you make a Champion,
 you can not buy a Champion 8 week old baby puppy

Champions are what we make when in shows.  You compete against other Saints,  get points and prizes. You also will need to have training. So gets books, videos, talk to people and go to shows  :)
They are not born Champions.
They are only born "show potential"

Socialization, a well exposed puppy gives you a well adjusted dog.  Get going the more that you do the better.

I believe in starting with a great foundation, because without lose in the end.   Training and bringing up is all up to you.     Adopting a pup and loving your dog for a  lifetime begins with a great breeder that is with them.

 If you want a Champion you start learning and working.  You start with a great foundation, a healthy and you socialize your puppy.  You begin at 8 weeks and show them the world.  

 A scared puppy that has been brought up in a cage or alone will have a hard time adjusting to the world.  I suggest playpens when going to work or the store.  Take the time to expose your puppy to others.   Go to puppy obedience class and puppy daycare, the puppies love it  :)   

We have puppies that are show potential.  Today, most Breeders have puppies with show potential.  The operative word is "potential".

What does that mean?   It means the puppy does not have any disqualifying faults according to the AKC Standards!!!

Call a Breeder,  go with your gut instinct.   Talk to them, see if you agree on things.   Get to know your Breeder.  They have a huge responsibility and you should be welcomed to call and ask questions. 
Be a good consumer!!!  
This is not your business and you can't know all about it.  None of us know everything about everything. This is why
 I try to provide as much information as possible.  I love the subjects those being all of my babies  :)  People actually appreciate the information that I make available.   It believe it helps to get as much insight as possible. 

You have choices when you get a pet, a companion/ pet, a pup for breeding and or show.  

Remember that what your pup accomplishes is up to you and your trainer.  Good luck and enjoy a wonderful life with your AKC Saint Bernard Puppy.

Go to the shows and have a blast!!!

Go out with your children, go to school, get the classes completed, and hang the diplomas.  Puppies and babies are about fun and celebration.  A puppy is a new member of your family forever...........get started and celebrate and make wonderful memories that will last a life time. Of course send photos to me  :)  You know that I want to see too!!!


Thank you for visiting, our AKC Saint Bernard Puppies. AkcSaintBernardPuppies.Com



saint bernard puppies
Hugging Landscape


Enjoying the day with the big babies
Happy have a blast with Teresa

Ryan loving them all

Vet Checks - Loving all the love


Please, look around the site to learn about the puppies.

You may call Jackie 989/460-7960  to inquire about the Saint Bernard Puppies. 
Saint Bernard Puppies in Florida!!!  
 We ship within the United States and Canada.

Thank you,



 saint bernard puppies, akc saint bernad puppies




See the Saint Bernard Puppies for Sale page to view the available pups.

Please, call to be put on the next waiting list. 
 We do not always have pups available.
We do know trusted breeders and might be able to find a Saint Bernard Puppy for you  :)

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We love and pamper our AKC Saint Bernard Puppies -   AKC Saint Bernard Puppies for sale in Florida

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