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It's all about love

When raising puppies the precious weeks bring up to the most critical decisions.   We ask for you to start with the AKC Saint Bernard Puppy Questionnaire.   It is important for us to learn alittle about you and it is how we begin.

We want to pups to be loved and cared for in a forever home.   Please, do not get a puppy to think puppyhood is easy.   The first year can be difficult, puppies do not learn on their own.   They must be taught, properly.  They need to play.   These are big puppies they are not Toy Poodles.   These are going to be very big dogs.  Perhaps, bigger than some people in your home.  A Saint Bernard puppy is not the right kind of breed for everyone.    

  They must be taught properly and that is never with harsh words, anger or abuse.   Please, sign up for classes, now.   

Saint Bernards are incredible dogs and the puppies are like little sponges that want to please you, love you and have you love them. They only want you to take care of them and love them, completely.

Please, sign up for classes


Fantastic. Mom and Dad enjoy it.
They are so proud of their baby.




We Want The Most Loving Families and Homes
Loving, Dedicated and Responsible!
Get out there, you have a remarkable puppy.
Have fun and join in the fun of playing and throwing the balls.The pups love swimming, those kiddie pools are fun. 

Have a blast.    Enjoy life with your trained baby.

Therapy Dog Group.
 At The Thanksgiving Parade!!!

It was always a blast and we all enjoyed it so much


Great Job

Fun Times

Saint Bernards as any breed of puppy do not learn
on their own.   They need your time.   If you do not have the time to devote to the new member of your family, please, reconsider getting a puppy at this time.

This is a fun ribbon from a contest at the park.

I will try to find her first place, AKC Ribbon.   By the time that I do find it, you might have your own  :)
Fun Times

My company did not want

pictures on the internet

so I erased them out   hahhah 
Exciting To Meet The Saints

We Had A "Saint Visiting Day" .
Some People have never seen one.

The Saints Loved it!!!

We are living in Florida, again
An Incredible Day
Happy, wanted Joe to share his water with her. He loves his girls.
Precious Memories of my beloved girl

Treasured members of the family.

 Our prayers for our puppies are answered with the most loving individuals find us.  It's about providing the needs that your puppy has and bringing them into a loving home for their lifetime.  We want to know that your puppy is a family member If you cannot offer this and do not feel this way, please, look for another puppy. 

We want our Saint Bernard puppies to have responsible owners. 
We Want Our Puppy Parents to have time to love and enjoy their baby.  

  Manners and learning to be a polite.   All kids need the training.

Puppy parents that will enroll their baby in puppy class and go join in the fun.   It is important to you and for your puppy.   We want what is best for the puppy.   It is also best for the puppy parent.   Yes, we know everyone thinks they are trainers, it is a proven facts it all works better in a group environment and with a professional.  The puppy parent is learning and the puppy is learning..

We request and have you agree to go to class in our puppy agreement.   Puppy class is about helping your learn how to teach your puppy.   We are helping you learn what is the best.   A trained baby is a safer baby.   We have your human children go to school.   Be the best and give them the best.   Puppy school is also about socializing and its so fun. 

Get out to meet Santa Claus
Make Lasting Memories that will be treasured forever.

Your puppy will learn manners and learn proper behavior.

Get bonding and you will be so very proud of your accomplishments. 

  They are intelligent, quick and so very eager to please.   I can only do so much training with a litter of puppies.   We do as much as we can. Unfortunately, unless our trainer is staying here to offer class daily we only can provide training for potty training, sit and come.

saint bernard puppies, saint bernard puppies in florida


  Enroll in class before you get your baby home.   Don't Wait.
Waiting makes it harder.   Train each day if only for 10-15 minutes.

The Sooner the Better!!!  The Bigger they get the harder it will be.

Interacting and socializing. Now that's the best.  They need you to give them the time and teach them.   For example, they must be taught where to potty.   If you need time to get dressed, get the leash,  put your shoes on, a half and hour then odds are that you will not find this easy.   It will go on forever and that sets you up for potty training delays and that is not fair to the puppy.  Some people get irritated at the puppy not because they have not been there or taught correctly.   If it goes wrong then one can usually bet that it is human error.    

Burn some of that puppy energy

The pups love this toy.

One must ready for a puppy.   You must feel well to put the time in.   It's a big job.  Please, consider that.  

Make a deal with your children that they must take the puppy to school and do the homework.   This is what my Mother did to me  :)  It worked. 


Teaching behavior and being dedicated.   

  Your wouldn't let your child miss school, would you?     It is not any different.   Puppies must be taught correct behavior.   It is unfair to the puppy and unfair to yourself if you do not train.   It is hard for everyone when a puppy or dog will not listen.   Start right away and that will make it so much easier.  Call us if you need help. 

When families love our puppies we see it and hear it.  When we see it and hear it, 
we want you to have one of our puppies.  The above is the most we could hope for 
our babies. 

Akc Saint Bernard Breeder, florida, akc saint bernard puppies for sale in florida, georgia, south carolina, we ship them to you.

akc saint bernard puppies in orlando florida

Conformation Competition


Conformation Competition

Wonderful people and families are what we pray for    

    We provide the best to the pups before conception and throughout the eight weeks.  We visit doctors, get the check ups, we take care of everything and are provided all necessary help from our doctors. We have roughly 4 doctors.  For us we need to always have 1 or two that are available.   You don't need 4 but I recommend that you do get a mobile Vet incase you have an emergency. 

Our Saints are a dream to us.

We want that for our pups and we strive to get that for them. 
They are miracles.  If you have previously had a Saint Bernard, than I am only
 telling you what you already know. There is no dog that I know of that can compete with the Saint Bernard!

 Once again, if you have had one, you will always have one. 
When we breed puppies, we love each of those puppies. These Saint Bernard puppies come from full grown Saint Bernard dogs that were once our little Saint puppy. 

Each time we have puppies means the "Mother Dog that we love is having babies"
We get excited about planning, the breeding, waiting and watching the girls grow with the pregnancy. 
We touch the tummies to feel the babies move. They are our baby puppies growing
 in that is the miracle of birth and Saint Bernard Puppies are miracles.

They give the best to you!  
Thank you to all the loving puppy parents that been so wonderful .

Saint Bernard Parade

We Rock My Girl!  Saint Bernard Puppies for sale
Porsch and Vivviane
The most beautiful girls!!!
The annual Halloween Parade

The pups love this toy.
They are available in different sizes and colors.

Saint Bernard


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