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Akc Saint Bernard Puppies

   We Are Expecting Saint Bernard Puppies       November     
Akc Saint Bernard Puppies
Pet, Show or a Saint Bernard pup for Breeding, please let me know what plans you have  :) 

Akc Saint Bernard Puppies

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Yodel's  Litter 2011
We Love Our Akc Saint Bernard Puppies

Yodel will have her litter before moving and soon retiring
in her new home in Michigan  :) 

Very Proud Yodel  :)
Yodel's 2nd Litter, she will have one more litter and retire.
Yodel, Makes Beautiful Babies - She is such a Beautiful Sweet Girl :)


Saint Bernard Puppies, Saint Bernard Puppies Florida

 Orange Collar

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Pink Collar


Our Saint Bernard Puppies 

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saint bernard puppies in florida, saint bernard puppies
 Purple Collar

Lives in Pennsylvania



saint bernard puppies, saint bernard puppies florida

Yellow Collar

This beautiful Saint Bernard Puppy
 is living in Florida


Yes, we do ship pups.  
A puppy flight to all states, excluding Hawaii

Ship Saint Bernard to states all over, to name a few, Michigan, Minnesota, Illinois, Pennsylvania, New York, South Dakota, North Dakota, California, Louisiana and Texas.  Colorado, Montana,  Nebraska, Georgia.  Florida, Oklahoma and South Carolina.  If your state is not listed, please just ask.

We hope that you will keep In Touch -
We want to see you all on the 
"Hug A Saint" Page  :)

 saint bernard puppies

  Blue Collar 

Saint Bernard Puppy Bernie is 
Living In Palm Coast, Florida



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Red Collar  

Blossom is Living In Michigan


saint bernard puppies, saint petersburg florida saint bernard puppies

Beautiful Saint Bernard Puppy 
Bethanny is now living in Michigan

 Green Collar 

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 Available Saint Bernard Puppies Are Here

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We Pamper Our Saints!


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Saint Bernard Puppies In Michigan as of October 2011. 
 We will ship and sometimes can arrange ground transport. 
We are going to miss Florida and we are going to love Michigan!  We had a wonderful life in Florida but wonderful opportunities awaiting in Michigan  :)
UpDate :2016 Moved back to Florida. The North was unbearable for us Southerners. 

       Thank you for visiting
989/ 460-7960


saint bernard gifts, saint bernard gift and merchandise 
Saint Bernard Gifts

Saint Bernard Puppies for sale  will be moving to  Florida and  having Saint Bernard puppies in Michigan!
saint bernard puppies in florida, florida saint bernard puppies
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We Pamper Our Saints!

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