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Supplies Needed To Deliver a Litter of Puppies


Here is the whelping kit that I promised to find for many of you  :) 

This is a great time you will learn what suits your needs best.   I load mine up.   Just to stay on top of things, when pups come fast, you can lay something down and it can get lost.  Papers, sheets and towels don't stay where they start off.
I say, get extra, there may not be ample time to look for anything!   
 Whelping Kit:


Digital thermometer and disposable thermometer covers to monitor mother’s temperature for predicting the whelp. This is an extremely accurate method when done correctly. Instructions and chart for tracking are included. Also, mother’s temperature should be taken daily after delivery to monitor if mom develops  infection.


Tail wrap for dogs with long tails to protect from draining fluids. Five yards included – change when cleaning up mom after delivery and during the next day or two following the whelp as it becomes soiled. No tail? Save wrap for future bandaging needs.  One can use horse wrap and one can use a bread bag.


Dual-headed stethoscope for monitoring mother’s heartbeat and for listening to baby heartbeats during the last week or two prior to birth. The stethoscope is also used to detect lung congestion in babies and to monitor mother’s heart and lungs.


Pivoting LED head lamp with headband and replaceable battery. This is one of the most important pieces of equipment in your whelping kit. It leaves your hands free to assist mother and baby during critical moments.


Eight extra-absorbent disposable pads to put under mom – fold up and throw away after each puppy is delivered and cleaned up and placenta is accounted for.   We just keep a bag of puppy pads.


Eight pair of disposable exam gloves -- throw away after each delivery and put on a new pair when frequent contractions indicate another pup is on the way. Also use to check mom for baby in birth canal.  Now, we just keep a box.


Eight individual, receiving cloths to grip and dry each puppy as it is born. Made of soft and absorbent terry. (not pictured)


Aspiration bulb to suction mucous from puppy’s airway (mouth, nose, and throat).  I discard each time that I have a litter and always buy new ones.  Keep several in your Whelping Kit.


Stainless steel locking hemostats to clamp umbilical cord an inch away from puppy while you tie it and cut off excess. (Individually packaged) .


Surgical scissors with stainless steel blades with blunt tips to cut umbilical cord 1 1/2 inch to two beyond the tie. (Individually packaged)


Eight individually sealed packets of Alcohol prep pads to clean off hemostats and scissors after use on each puppy.


Package of unwaxed dental floss to tie off umbilical cords.     Use hemostats to clamp cord away from pup and another roughly an inch apart,  tie off in the center.  It has been proven by some Breeders to be a disaster to let the Dam do this.   The other reason is because time is of the essence when pups are coming fast.  When Mother's chew off too close or pull hernia can result.   They usually close but to be safe it is best to stay close.


Eight individually sealed packets of Iodine prep pads to put on umbilical cords after cutting and every day until tied end of the cord dries and breaks off. Don’t skip or delay this step. The cut umbilicus is a major entry route of infection in newborn puppies.   Also I recommend buying a large bottle to keep on hand always in your kit.


Stuck Puppy Pack includes a urethral tube, lubricant, catheter tip syringe, receiving cloth, disposable absorbent pad, packaged in a separate bag to be used if needed for Stuck Puppy Syndrome – a puppy that is “right there” but won’t come out. Instructions and tips for how to handle this problem are included.   If you are new to breeding, you will learn this fast.   Get educated by your Doctor and assist if possible in others births.
Some doctors love to teach and they are great at it  :)


Specially-formulated replacement milk by Esbilac for weak or fading puppies to boost their energy long enough to hopefully get them to suckle from the mother, which in turn gives them mother’s antibodies, as well as nutrition and stamina they need to keep up with their littermates in their battle for the milk faucets. It can also be used to tube feed an underdeveloped puppy. Also for supplementing large litters with the large Breeds.

Heat Lamp
( not included)   

Keep Dark Karo Syrup in the Kitchen always.


Puppy feeding bottle with bottle brush and five latex nipples to supplement puppies who cannot compete for mother’s milk.
I buy extra bottles.  I buy the baby bottles at Tractor Supply "Pet Ag" and usually throw many nipples out until I get it right!!!   I would say get at least 6.  You can always use them next time  :)


Feeding Tube and 20ml Feeding Syringe are also included in your Little Heartbeats Kit.  Have your Vet teach you how to do this so you will be knowledgeable and experienced.    Volunteer your time to help other Breeders and your Doctor.


Eight antimicrobial hand wipes that kill 99.99% of germs are included for times when you can’t walk away to wash up.   This is a must but when possible, always have someone available to assist you and let you take care of critical needs.  Vigorous washing of hands with soap and hot water is best!


Hanging Mesh Bag with Pockets to keep all your whelping items organized, clean, and handy within easy reach. Can be hung over the door or on the wall near the whelping box.


'Refill kits' available of consumable items for 4, 8, and 12 puppies to use this kit for future litters.


'Plus 4 kits' available for larger litters.


Also in your whelping kit you will find a folder with these forms:


            Temperature plotting sheet to predict the whelp within hours and to monitor mom for possible life-threatening infection afterwards


            Forms to document time, weight, color/markings, m/f, events of birth, etc.


            Weight chart for all puppies as they grow


            Stuck puppy help sheet


            Sheet to chart information and phone numbers of emergency clinic, veterinarian, friends or neighbors that might be able to assist you or  provide transportation to a medical facility or help hold mother and pups.  That last part about needing help........I have called someone that I just met and asked for help.   She saved so many of us that day and night!!!  When  you need help, you need have phone numbers near!!!

 Once you become familiar with the whelping process, you will be making your own charts to suit your specific needs.

Buy a Scale to monitor weight daily it is the only way to measure the grams. 

This is a great start and perfect way to begin to take some of the stress off.
Your Doctor will help you learn.  Call a Breeder they usually will help you also. 

Volunteer your time to help other Breeders and your Doctor.
 That is always nice  and boy, do we appreciate it!!!

 In time and with experience, you will add to your Whelping Kit and it will be all about your choices.   These are great whelping kits to begin.


Lubricant for taking temp.    A few  pairs of scissors is better than one.   Two packets of Dental Floss at least,    A box of gloves,  a airtight container.  Rolls and rolls of paper town.
Tums, flashlight, needles for the artificial nipples.  A Baby Bottle Warmer.  
   A stack of wash clothes and a stack of towels.

Always replenish when you can get out to the store.   You never know when someone else will need your help.
  You grab your Whelping Kit and run  :)  

I hope that you have been collecting newspapers  :)

I will link to these directly............making everything easier   :)

For Mom

 (large syringe or Turkey Baster ,  fill with Karo and water for Mom - Ice Cream --- Cottage Cheese  - Peanut Butter -  Chicken Broth AND buy a case of Evaporated Milk)

I get a coffee cup with a third of water, heat it, add Karo, mix it and then add cooler water.   Then give that to Mom.

She can become exhausted and you need to give her all the energy and nutrients possible.

As you continue to build your Kit,    Have  two or  three Vets.
Make appointments before hand if this is your first time.    Do not be afraid to talk and learn from  your Doctors.

Dew Claws for Saint Bernard are to be removed at 3-5 days. 
Worm every two weeks
Keep Vet  shot schedule and call your doctor if you have any concerns.  


Thank you, Jackie
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We Pamper Our Saints.

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