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Reserving a pup means getting on the waiting lists.

Get On The Waiting List To Reserve Your Pup 

There is a non-refundable fee of $500.00.
  This goes toward the fee for the pup.  

The waiting list is so that you are on
a list for an upcoming litter.  These pups have not been born. 

You are reserving a future puppy.

                          This fee will guarantee that you will be notified with a call from me. I also 
ask that you call and keep up with us.  It can get very busy with big dogs. 
I run 
out of time so often.  You will not be disturbing me.   

This is my job.  It is best if you do call me as I will plan to make calls and the next thing that
 I know it is eleven o'clock at night and then too late.  I know that you are all
anticipation the birth. 

In continuing, the reserve fee is you reserving a pup. I will hold one for you. 
You will have a spot of the list to pick your puppy.
I welcome calls from you. Most of us are speaking with one another long before
 the pups arrive.  
The order in which I receive the fee is the order in which
puppy parents will make puppy picks.
Picking the puppies is on a first come, first serve, basis  That is the only fair way. 

We understand that the waiting

can be hard and long.  We can only breed twice a year.   It is entirely your decision but we like 
to let everyone know that we do have this option.


The decision to put down $500.00  helps prevent impulse decisions.
              This also helps me protect the puppies.

Deposits, deposits are only taken for puppies that have been born.
Deposits are difference then being on the waiting list.

The non-refundable deposit fee is $500.00.  The deposit
will hold the puppy that has been born
and that you have picked out.  This fee goes toward the price of puppy.
               We ask for prompt payment for the remaining balance for puppy.

We can make payment arrangements and ask that you inquire about this on the initial call. There is no last minute option for this.

 We do accept credit cards and debit cards with our card processing system.    

You will get a receipt, automatically, from the card processor
after submitting your payment.   

             If you are on the Reserve/waiting list and there is not enough pups then you are moved to the next available litter.  Your money is not lost.

We work with the puppies that the Momma give us. 

When you made your initial call we did ask if there were not enough
of the gender that you request that you would be willing to reconsider. 

I thank you for your understanding.   

Getting on the waiting list is entirely your decision.  

We plan litters every six months and we wait for the puppies. 

We do not control

the number of puppies or the gender of the puppies.     This is nature.   

AKC Saint Bernard puppies.


Call us anytime 989/460-7960
 We Are Located In Florida

You have shown interest in our pups for a reason.  
Our pups are incredible in quality. 

If you have any questions than please call, me  989/460-7960
  We do our best to give our available
 AKC Saint Bernard puppies homes with families they will have for a lifetime.  
We do ask that you evaluate your situation, home, lifestyle, etc before you call to reserve
a puppy.  Please, read over the website.  There is a huge amount of information on here
for you.  Many of your questions will be answered.


I provide receipts and a bill of sale as an AKC Breeder in good standing.

Papers may arrive late. This is usually only 
because litters are all 

registered at the same time. It can get backed up or something 

was not correct on the papers. 

             You will get them.    I also do not promise delivery  
until 45  day after the last pup has been adopted
These papers are your responsibility.  I send the first copy.  

Puppies are scheduled to be picked up by appointment only in the afternoons. 

  We set appointment time and dates.  Thank you for your cooperation.   
Please, do not forget to get your puppies supplies.

  View them here.  I do love the TEARLESS SHAMPOO, HERE

Akc Saint Bernard Puppies

 We appreciate your understanding.

 Thank you,


Saint Bernard Puppies For Sale

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