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Puppies visit the Vet and get health certificates.     

Please, have your puppy visit with your Veterinarian within 48 hours after picking up. Don't forget to take your pups Health Certificate so that your doctor will have the record.  I have started to electronically send this so that it will be in your phone.

 Health Certificates are given.       

This is to protect, you, me and the pups. It is also the law.   Regardless of where you get a puppy make sure that you get a Health Certificate.  A Health Certificate is the only way that you know your puppy has been examined and is healthy.  Your Vet also needs the records to continue the series of puppy vaccinations at the appropriate time.  Please, do not over vaccinate your pet.  

  Your puppy, again, will only be transferred to you at 8 weeks or older.   Each puppy has a health certificate stating that they are in good health. They each will have visited a veterinarian that is licensed by the state of Florida.
For each pup offered within the state its the law to have the tests, vaccines, and anthelmintics required.

.  Every puppy has been administered by or under the direction of a veterinarian, licensed by the state and accredited by the United States Department of Agriculture.   The tests, vaccines, and anthelmintics must be administered unless it is not in the best medical interest of the puppy or dog.  If anything is not administered in which case the vaccine or anthelmintic may not be administered to that particular dog. Each dog must receive vaccines and anthelmintics against the following diseases and internal parasites:

 The Canine distemper,Leptospirosis, Bordetella (by intranasal inoculation or by an alternative method of administration if deemed necessary by the attending veterinarian and noted on the health certificate, which must be administered in this state before sale).Leptospirosis is not regularly given as it is prohibited at 8 weeks.  

Parainfluenza, Hepatitis, Canine Parvo.    Rabies, provided to a pup over 3 months of age and the inoculation is administered by a licensed veterinarian. Round worms and Hook worms.

Once, you take possession of your puppy then it is up to you to go to get a Veterinarian check to verify that you have a healthy puppy as my Veterinarian has stated.  Take your health certificate.  If you do not take the health certificate then vaccinations may be repeated.  Doctors need a copy of your certificate.   I get calls almost in every litter that someone has repeated vaccines.  This is not recommended.  Keep your paperwork this is your responsibility.   Over vaccinating a pet can result in very serious health problems.  Don't vaccinate without having your records.

Your puppy is not finished with all vaccinations.  

That means that your puppy is not 100 percent protected. It is important to get clearance from your Vet before socializing your puppy with unknown animals and places.

Please, let us know how your baby did at the vets.  Also, send us a report that you have had your Vet check within 48 hours.  If you have any issues than I should be notified right away.   

If you have a problem then you are given the option to return puppy and get a replacement puppy from another litter at a later date. We do not always have puppies and we don't operate as Walmart.   We offer no refunds. We offer a replacement puppy.  

Two families picked up puppies at the same airport.

Puppy Proof 

What happens after the pup, once, they leave my home is a puppy parents responsibility.  It is up to you to puppy proof your home and safeguard against accidents.     I cannot say puppy proof, enough.  Puppy proof and be careful at the parks with unknown dogs.   Dogs are like people as they do not all get along.
Almost every year we hear of puppies eating plants and those homemade ornaments.    Be Cautious and protect again poisonous chemicals in your home.

Dogs are like people. 

 Accidents happen and dogs and people get sick.   Accidents can and will forever happen but be as diligent as possible.    Put all medications, chemicals, everything in drawers.   Do not leave things out for puppies to find and eat.  Remember, they are like toddlers and into everything.   Puppy proof not only the inside but outside.  Plant, flowerbeds, pesticides, automobile fluids, if you have it outside put it in a tote.  Puppies investigate everything.

Medications, chemicals, everything in drawers.   Lock it away from the baby.

I see Breeders torn to pieces when honestly it is someone that is mad because of the circumstances.  I hear bad stories.   Stories where Breeders are attacked to find the complete opposite is the truth when the tests results come back.  

Watching Beethoven is not a reason to get a Saint Bernard. 

 A Puppy as a unplanned Christmas gift is not a good decision. Many people might  think about getting a puppy for the holidays this is usually not a smart idea. Think about your circumstances.  Don't let getting a pup be a quick decision.  Don't do that to a puppy.   

Please, think about your situation entirely before you get a puppy. 

  Think about a Giant dog.  Think about how many other dogs that you have.   How about your yard, do you have a fence?   Do you have a pool fence?   Think about the expense.   Do you remember poppy training?   Will you be home, do you have time?     

It should be at the best time in your life that you get a new puppy.   Sometimes it has been planned like a human baby for a long time.    This is your baby and he/she will depend on you.  Please, do not let them down.   They are your responsibility just like a human baby.  Are you ready?  Everyone needs to be ready.   

Who will be caring for the pup

If your spouse is going to be a caregiver?  Who is home during the day?   Don't make this decision to get a puppy alone.    This only causes problems for everyone and the puppy.  If you do not agree with your spouse or significant other then it is best to wait on a puppy.

  Please, be responsible and treat your pup as you would your child.   If you would not leave your child by the pool, please, don't leave your puppy.    Don't walk away from a pup that is on a bed.  Don't think an 8 week old pup can walk down the stairs.   Do not leave them at  the stairs without guards.   See the puppy gates.   

Don't leave your puppy with someone that you might think would hurt your pup.  If you have any alarms going off or negative feelings at all then go with it and find another sitter.

Please, be cautious.   They are not indestructible.  They are only babies.   

Per florida statute the Vaccinations  that keep your puppy from getting sick will be given.  It will be up to you that future vaccines are administered in a timely manner.   You can read here about seeing your Vet per the 48 hour check up on the website.

   Vaccinations schedules are setup by your doctor and you will follow that schedule.  You will have the Vet certificateThere are  several vaccinations in the series and they must be all given.  Do not over or under vaccinate your pet.   Then you are able to get the Rabies and Lepto but not before 16 weeks of age.    

Dog Parks, visiting stores, don't let puppies sniff other dogs until your Vet gives you the ok.   
I am not a doctor.  I cannot give you medical advice.  Please, talk to your doctor.   Be careful where you go and the exposure you allow before vaccinations are complete.
There are problems with over vaccinating and under vaccinating pets..  There can be huge regrets either way.  I would rather be safer than sorry.   Please, get all your vaccinations on time and then you will have the option to have a blood tests (Titers) to determine if vaccination are necessary in the future.

Leptospirosis and Rabies  - not until 16 weeks

Leptospirosis may be transmitted through direct contact with urine or tissues of infected animals.  Transferred by inhalation of aerosols of contaminated fluids, such as may occur in abattoirs. Ingestion of foods contaminated with urine of infected rats is an occasional route
 of infection.   Talk to your doctor.

Leptospirosis can lead to kidney and liver damage and even death. Talk to your doctor.

Ask your doctor for medical advice.

Prevent diseases this is the goal.   Keep your puppy, happy and well.

 Preventing diseases is why we have vaccines. In order to be effective, these vaccines
  are given as a series.
 These appointments are agreed on and set before
 your Saint Bernard Puppy arrives to his/her new home.   

Ask that you get on the list to get reminders in the mail from the Animal Hospital.

 If you have any problems with vaccinations, call your doctor.

After the puppy series of shots then you should continue with your doctor to stay in good health.  

Stay healthy and safe. 

Please, this will allow your pet a healthier life, a longer life!!!


Puppies only are picked up in the afternoon and only with a preset appointment.


Veterinarian Examinations, sometimes the pups have seen the Vet 2 or 3 times before you get to see them.   We bring them in very soon after birth.  Sometimes they are born at the office and the Vet is one of the first to hold them  :)

The official check is for a Florida state Health Certificate from a licensed Veterinarian.  You will get the Microchip paperwork and the   
American Kennel Club Registration Papers.
    (Papers will be mailed or electronically sent if not available at time of pick up.  The papers are your responsibility.)


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