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Stop Chewing -How do I stop my Saint Bernard Puppy From Chewing ?

Akc Saint Bernard Puppies

Akc Saint Bernard Puppies
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Our Saint Bernard Puppies
 We Love Them But They Gotta Stop The Chewing!!!

Stop That Chewing

"Put your shoes away", don't leave them out or you won't have one good pair!!! 

 I say, give that baby something better to chew on.

You make the choice, your the Alpha Dog, now!!!

Get a KONG toys and buy the Peanut Butter spray filling made for them.  
Those taste better than anything to a puppy. Taste and smell is everything right? Ok, you have the power, go out and get what you need to stop that behavior.  You will keep the baby happy and have fun at the same time!!!

Don't Bang Your Head Against The Wall

Offer a variety of chew toys and includes some squeaky ones too :)
Don't leave your Saint Bernard Puppy unsupervised, isn't that in your contract?

Crating is OK for a brief period, but a special place or room, an exercise pen is recommended if you ll be gone for a long time. Please, never ruin the Crate because it is a wonderful thing!!!

Never physically punish your dog for inappropriate dog chewing. Clap your hands when you catch it happening, put coins in a can, rattle it and then redirect puppy to a more appropriate object.

You really can beat this chewing phase  :)
Exercise your dog often. They get bored like Children and it is up to us to keep them busy. I like the Hide The Peanut Butter Inside Toy. They are busy, happy, learning and solving  problems.  Someday, you might need to take a pill, I would be my life that they will enjoy Peanut Butter filling better.  Kong Toys are great :)

***  Always use Peanut Butter With Caution  ***

Look at the Peanut Flavored Kong Toy filling   :)

Just remember to bring them in from outside if you are playing out there. 
  The lawn mower gobbles toys up very easily.

Thank you


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We Pamper Our Saints

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