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Thank you for visiting our website  
We do our very best to answer all the questions. 

When we have a litter it takes a great deal of work and time.  We try to meet the
but many times
it is not possible to answer the phone.  

I operate keeping a written daily log and calendar.  My pages are filled with my Puppy
Parents plans.  I 
have activity dates, birthdays, parties, anniversary's etc. 

 Breeders provide many services and I do try to arrange timely pickups.  
I keep a calendar and make schedules in order to meet
special dates.   I have weather and temperature outlooks and workable flight schedules
for puppies to fly 
per airport.  We also must schedule ground transportation.  I also keep records 

 My Puppy Parents traveling.   There are
many puppies 

and families.  H
we do our best to 
coordinate our services
accommodate with your consideration.

There are times emergencies arise.  
There are times when my Vet has had to cancel appointments
I do not get mad because I get the same consideration.  I would want
that help if it were me.  At times, it is simply out of our control.  
I will make phone calls and inform everyone of the status.  I ask that you, please, inform
me of any changes, alsoPlease, know that we do all that we can to accommodate.

Communication is the key to making this flow, smoothly
       Puppies turn 8 weeks and we are getting ready to go to new homes with loving people. 
 Pups do not 
leave the day that they turn 8 weeks.   They need to go to the Vet and
get their final health inspection.   

Flying Pups
 There has to be Health Certificate written and we need additional flight exams necessary
 for pups to fly.  There are many things that must be done in order to have pups ready.
 Flight paperwork for the FDA needs to be written and letters of acclimation.  
 It might sound simple, regardless, it is time consuming and all puppies are not

staying on the ground.  Our puppies travel within the state, out of state and out of the Country.   
This takes time for the doctors to do this and there are usually multiple trips. 
I make the appointments but I do not control the doctors.  We must make several appointments
and this is planned by appointment.   We cannot go to a Vet without an appointment.   I will do
my very best for you. 
 I wish that I could make it all happen faster and I do understand that everyone wants the
puppies as soon as possible.  I can keep you all up to date with our tasks
 and make everyone aware. 

It's a special and exciting time.  :)

We ask that you allow us time to get all the puppies Vet appointments complete 

 Please, allow us to do what we do best which is give you a beautiful and healthy Saint Bernard Puppy. 

We welcome your coordinating information.  Your support is vital to us.  We love
helping you make those Saintly Gifts or surprise parties work out perfectly.  We 
thank you for making us such a big part of your lives.  This is why we do what
we do and work so hard to make it special.

Our home and not a store
We live in a private home.  We do not operate out of a store. 
We do not offer tours.  We have picture to share on this website.  
 We cannot allow Puppy Parents to simply 
drop by and pickup without knowing.  
We ask for your consideration as we schedule.

Scheduled date with preset appointments.

We fly many puppies and work with many professionals to make this all happen.
Unfortunately, working with others and needing their services forces us to fit into
else's schedule.  

We ask that you understand that taking care of a litter is a full time job.   In the morning 

the Big Dog and the litter needs to go out and potty. Then it is breakfast time.  

Puppies are always scheduled for pickup in the afternoons.   
We work scheduling our appointments with the Vets, Groomers and airport
to keep this 
flowing smoothly.

We do everything to make sure that you have all the necessary information and
 its available to you.
We thank you for understanding that this all takes time.   We have a system that must be followed.
Per law at 8 weeks the puppies go to the Vet for the required health certificate. 
There are no exceptions .

Health Certificates for all puppies is a law.  I will not break the law.  Puppies do not
go home before they are 8 weeks of age. 

Please, call for availability, current prices and updates.  
Please, look around the website and enjoy the site. 

The pups love these toys.  Your pup is playing with these, now.

The pups love these toys.  Your pup is playing with these, now.

Please, call to reserve a puppy. Updated information and availability. 


AKC Saint Bernard Puppies - We Want Forever Homes 
Jackie 989/ 460-7960 
Saint Bernard Puppies for sale.
Jackie, Akc Saint Bernard Puppies For Sale In Florida!!!

saint bernard puppies in florida

saint bernard puppies for sale in florida

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