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Heat - Don't Let Your Pup Or Adult Saint Get Overheated.

Heatstroke is a big risk during warm and hot weather. Remember that your Saint Bernard  is always wearing a fur coat and they are usually warmer than you are. A temperature that seems only a little warm to a person can be too hot for a dog. Add to that the fact that dogs at dog gatherings are often active and playing, and the heat could become deadly for your Saint Bernard.
Never leave your Saint Bernard or any pet in the car on warm days. Even a 70°F day can be too hot.

Signs of heatstroke include excessive panting and drooling, anxiousness, weakness, abnormal gum color (darker red or even purple), collapse and death.

Any animal  showing signs of heatstroke should be immediately taken to a shaded area and cooled with water. 

Bring inside as soon as possible. Offer anything and everything cool to drink. Place a fan on the floor and sit with a bowl of water to cool your Saint.

Get towels !!!  Soak  towels that are not excessily thick to ring out quickly and wet again every few minutes.  Throw a few in the freezer.  

Running cool water (not freezing) over the dog's body and quickly wiping it away (so the water absorbs the skin's heat and is immediately wiped away) can also help.   I always have cold packs in the freezer...........put some on your baby.  Do everything you can to cool them  if they are in trouble  :)

Have your Vets number and the Emergency Vets number in your phone.  You have no time for the phone book, not now.

Transport the dog to a veterinarian immediately, because heatstroke can rapidly become deadly.

I have never experienced anything like this except when we are breeding the dogs.   They get overheated then and we do exactly what has been written above.    Fortunately, we are  not close to a heatstroke, however, that is only because we supervise .

Just on a regular HOT day, I will walk over to the pool with the Saints and wet their heads and wipe them with splashes.   They love water so it's fun for them.

Can you imagine wearing a coat in the Summer, well don't imagine, put one on and give it a try, it will make you think in a diferent light or should I say tempature.

Please, be careful.   This is why your Saint or any animals should not be unsupervised

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