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How Do I Get A Puppy 
What Is The Process???

You call me :)   Also fill out the puppy questionnaire :) 

 The Puppy Questionnaire must be filled out before getting a puppy. The information 
helps us with our decision.   We thank you for taking the time to do so.   It is important
for us to find home that are a great for our pups. Please, call me first :)
The questionnaire is located on the link list (to your left).
 It goes in your file for easy access  :)

 I would also love a photo too.    Please send one   :). 
It's great to see the family that would like to have one of our
Saint Bernard puppies.  

The phones today, who does not have a pictures, right!!!  I want to see your other
pets too.

 Family pictures are always great, thank you!!!
( Picture is not a requirements but let me say, sharing is nice)  

During our initial call, we talk about the pups and how all this works.  Terms of 
agreement, financial options etc.
We talk about the Sire, the Dam and so much more.

  Picking out a pup on the internet is probably new to many of you  :)  
 I understand. I've done it too.  Most Breeders have discontinued 
allowing home visits for picking out puppies.   I try my best to provide
the pictures and information necessary to make it easier.   I do not allow
visitors in order to protect the puppies.   One of these puppies might belong 
to you and then you would understand the importance.  Please, read about visiting puppies and I do believe that you will see why we as other Breeders no longer can allow it.  Choosing and Visiting Puppies

Adopting a pup;  It involves talking about lifestyle, expectations and
of course Saint Bernards, us, you and your family :)

I invite you to ask questions.

I will speak with you ask explained in the process of  approval.   I then ask that you Please, download the puppy agreement and return via email.  This has the terms of agreement, information that is necessary to register puppies, microchip and general information.  

Please, read over the website and enjoy all the pictures and information  :)

Saint Bernard Puppies Supplies and toys.

I hope that together that we learn about one another.  Together
(for the best interest of the pup) we determine if a Saint Bernard
is right for you.

Then What Happens

You pick a pup or puppies, we send photos and talk about each puppy.  Many times, some people call and know which pup already.  Picking up a puppy will take place in the afternoons, only.  This is by appointment only.  This is not a store and we thank you for your understanding.  

During the time that baby is growing it is my hope that we get to know more of one another.   That is why this is adoption process.  

 We pick you also

I care about my babies and I want to know the families that want them :)
Puppies are not items in a store. 

We share pictures and stories and a relationship begins.   All surrounding the love of Saint Bernards.   As hard as the waiting may be, I try to make
it easier with pictures.  I keep you updated on whats going on as best as
I can :)

Paying For Puppy
I ask for a $500 non-refundable Deposit to hold your puppy.   This takes the puppy off the market .  This money holds the puppy for you.  This Deposit goes toward the prices of your puppy.   The Reserve Fee works the same way.  Please, read the puppy agreement.   We will go over the terms and have that in writing in the agreement/ info pages and registration form.  (It is long, I know.). We do not offer refunds with money, we only offer replacement puppies and moving money toward a future litter if a change occurs and you are unable to get one at this time.

We prefer payments for pups to be made in full after puppies are picked out.

Payment arrangements may be offered.  They must be made in advance of the birth of the puppies.

If you have payment arrangements all puppies are to be paid in full by 6 weeks without exception.

I keep you up with videos and photos.
There will be many texts...I want to say now though, I use the microphone and it does
not always come out right.    :)

I am available by  the " phone call" in this ever fast changing world of communication.
Don't hesitate to call!!   I try to return every call.  I do get behind, please,
just call me again

One last thing, I am not on the computer much when we have puppies.  It is difficult for me to text and work too.
I prefer phone calls.   Jackie at 989-460-7960
(I am still using my Michigan number )

Please, keep in mind. If you text with me and I am texting with other people.
I ask that you read and look around the site.  Please, read "What is Adoption".   Read about food and care of puppy.  Training and socialization.   Brushes and books.   Collars and everything else  :)  Also read Visiting Puppies.  I need to know that you understand how this works  :)



Please, call for update on puppies, planned litters and availability.

Picking up puppies take place in the afternoons, only.  This is by appointment only.

Please, familiarize yourself with the site.   I try to answer as many questions as possible.
There is some valuable information.
 It will keep you learning and very busy getting ready for baby.

I hope you all enjoy this site  :)

We Are Located In Florida
Thank you,

Jackie 989/460-7960


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