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Saint Bernard Gifts and Some of our babies. 
If the Amazon products do not show up, press, the refresh button or Right Click on mouse and reload.   It is hard to not to start collecting.   I have many of these but not all, yet.   Have fun shopping.  I will put more up as soon as I can.

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Saint Bernard Gifts

Saint Bernard Pill Box

Saint Bernard Mug

Saint Bernard Wine Topper

Saint Bernard Stuffed Animal
Saint Bernard  Painting
Saint Bernard Keyring

saint bernard gifts -

akc saint bernard puppies for sale in florida
Saint Bernard Pill Box
Saint Bernard Paw
Saint Bernard Cutting Board
saint bernard puppies can be found here on the internet or  when you visit Google at  Here we raise puppies of the highest quality and care.   We love our babies and know that you will too.
saint bernard puppies in florida 
Saint Bernard Paw
Saint Bernard Big Dog
Saint Bernard Reel

saint bernard gifts , thank you for visiting our puppies.  You are the best and that is why you were also choosen to get one.   Thank you for loving our babies.

saint bernard gifts - akc saint bernard puppies, saint bernard puppies


Saint Bernard Gold Keyring

Saint Bernard Cutting Board

Saint Bernard Cutting Board
I will be adding more toys as time permits.  I know that some of you are collecting.
Thank you for asking :)

This is our tunnel - Have hours of fun!!!

This is the one that
the pups have.
We Pamper our Saints!

Jackie 989/460-7960
Please, call for up to date on availability and prices on the

Saint Bernard gifts at from AKC Saint Bernard Puppies in Florida.

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