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Saint Bernard Puppies - Find an AKC Saint Bernard Puppy

Are you looking for a St. Bernard Breeder with Saint Bernard Puppies?

If you cannot find a Saint Bernard Breeder with puppies than ask a Breeder for a referral. 
 Saint Bernard Breeders usually know other Saint Bernard Breeders.  Other Breeders may have puppies.

The next step is to check when the next litter is planned. You might be willing to wait. If I do not have puppies available then I will be happy to let you know of the Breeders do.
   I only recommend Breeders that I trust and personally know.  It will be my pleasure to
help you find an AKC Saint Bernard Puppy.

Please, fill out the "puppy questionnaire" on the site

As a Saint Bernard Breeder, I raise St. Bernard puppies and love them.  We take
 good care of them until we put the puppy in your arms.  It is important to
us that we know you will care for them and love them.  We ask that you love
them for a lifetime and if you can't then we ask that you return them to us, or 
will help re-home them or keep them.    We do not get big dogs often but we have.           
Look at our Big Dogs Re-homing page if you are looking for an older pet.  You are welcome to call me.   When I have pups it is a very busy time.  If I do not return your call then, please, call me again.

Good Breeders D
o Care & Provide Great Services
A concerned Saint Bernard Breeder doesn't sell their Saint Bernard Puppies to the first buyer!  There certainly should be more that goes into it.  You will see the difference if you have been looking.  I spend much time and provide many services  to my puppy parents.  

I Ask Questions
I like to know that you will love your Saint Bernard puppy to pieces. Most Saint Bernard Breeders want to know that you will keep them in good health and love them.   Everyone that calls, does not have the home, or lifestyle to have a Saint Bernard. 

Is A Saint Right For You

Please, do not take offense because of my questioning.  I just am trying to make the best decisions for the pups.   Please, read "What is Adoption".  It  is all of us making the best decision for the Saint Bernard Puppies.  It is about homes and families that will there for
the life of the Saint  :)  It is about being responsible.  These are not small dogs they are big strong dogs.   

Saint Bernard Puppies 

We want "Forever Homes" for our babies. We don't want them to be given up
 and shuffled from one home to another. We don't want a phone call telling us
one of our puppy's is in a shelter.  Please, call us we will help.  
Saint Bernard breeders will usually always ask you questions too or they should.
Me, I like to know about you too :) I usually ask why you want a Saint Bernard -
It's always interesting, if you have had one before or why you have chosen the Saint
Bernard Breed if this will be your first. We want to know how the AKC Saint Bernard
puppy will be cared for, how and where they will fit in the family.  We also ask about
 your home, children etc.

We have the puppy questionnaire for inquiries.

Yes, I know, some individuals will think that "if I are buying a puppy it is not the Breeders business." Some Saint Bernard Breeders will never think about their puppies again when gone. Me, I do care and that is the one difference that you will find with Breeders.
 Find Saint Bernard Breeders that love their dogs :) 

Puppy Health and Puppy's Family Medical History
Know where your baby comes from.
 You might pay a higher price throughout the pups life if you don't.

Think of your new puppy as a person or yourself,
 isn't it better to know your medical history than not?  

 Breeders Don't Mind You Asking Questions
There are many people breeding dogs and all Breeders are not equal. You are welcome
to ask me questions.   Me, I would make sure to ask the Saint Bernard Breeders that
 you talk to  about Vet checks and getting a healthy Saint Bernard puppy. 
We are here for you.  It's my pleasure to be here for you.   This is what Breeders do.
We supply many services to our puppy parents and its our pleasure.

akc saint bernard puppies,

My advice, if Breeders don't care about where the puppy goes, they probably don't
care much about the puppy.  Most Saint Bernard Breeders and good breeders want to
 hear from you. They love to get pictures...these Saint Bernard Puppies are all so special
 to us. They are our puppies first and we love them. It breaks our heart when we see them go but it is not possible to keep them.  It is the great families that allow us to let them go  :)
When you call about getting a puppy, remember for some breeders, the ones that love their puppies  it is not about money! If you think Breeders make a lot of some research.  There is profit but most of us spend a fortune too.  
Stop every once in awhile and send an email and let them know how your baby is. I love that! If you are reading this, please, do remember this for me. I always ask that your remember and most people always do write and share photos :)
Thank you all for that :) 

If you are getting your first Saint Bernard get some Saint Bernard books. If you
have had a Saint Bernard Puppy than you know what you need to know and it
never hurts to get a training book. Things such as training collars change and so do the methods of teaching.  
The puppy will not learn if not taught.   Take the time and patience to
socialize and train.  
If you do not have the time or the patience do not get a puppy, now. Later, might
be a better time. :)

St. Bernard dogs and Saint Bernard Puppies: 
Keep in mind that a Saint Bernard breeders should not mind questions and unless taking
 care of puppies should have time for you!!  :)   If they do mind about you asking
questions then make more calls and find another Breeder.    

Thank you for visiting http://www.AkcSaintBernardPuppies.Com  
 We are located in Florida  :)

akc saint bernard breeder, akc saint bernard puppies,

As a Saint Bernard Dog Breeder, I get many letters and questions.  You are more than welcome to write or call. Find me on the web at http://www.AkcSaintBernardPuppies.Com

Getting Ready For Baby

We encourage you to read about training and raising the Saint Bernard - St. Bernard Breeders are what make a great beginning for your Saint Bernard Puppy.    

 Ask the Saint Bernard Breeder question they should be willing to speak with you about the puppies and parents. Ask the Saint Bernard Breeder any questions that you may have about your concerns.

It's good to be ready for your new baby!

Before you get a puppy, be confident that you are ready to have an Saint Bernard Puppy. Read about training, getting ready to bring baby home. Is you home
puppy proof? Do you have room and time for your new Saint Bernard puppy? Brush
up on puppyhood. Get ready for baby with crate, playpen and the gates etc.   
Think about fences and gates to protect puppy and all concerned   :)

Our Saints love their crates, they are nice  and cozy! Get brushes and remember
soon you might want an elevated bowl, although mine like to lay down and eat.  
Don't forget the xpen, you never want to leave your puppy in a crate.  Let me ask
you, how would you like that???
Get an exercise pen!!!

 See the Akc Saint Bernard puppies that are available.    

 Get comfortable and watch Beethoven the best Saint Bernard Puppy movie of all time. 
 Now, is the time to get the puppy toy box filled with fun things for you and your puppy to enjoy.

There is nothing else in the world like owning and loving a Saint.  
Have fun, socialize, train and pamper your puppy :)

Think about puppy daycare, bored pups are not happy puppies.  
 The puppies love day care, see Nina In The News, here  :)

Thank you for visiting  


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