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Puppy Supplies

Getting Ready For Your New AKC Saint Bernard Puppy

 It's time to start getting things ready.  
1. Food and Puppy Treats

There are a million, ok two million  hahah  kinds... during the "treat scare" we like flavored
 milk bones and stay within the united states. 

2. Dog Food, Water Dishes and a scoop

Make sure the food and water dishes are appropriate for the size of the pup.  
I begin with a medium and than graduate to the Large.  Also get stainless steel and NOT PLASTIC.

3. Dog Leashes and Dog Collars
I get many leashes because they are like brushes, I don't think you can ever have too many.

I would start with a 14" adjustable, click collar.


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4. Dog Toys
It easy to go wild in this section... balls and chewy things. Squeaky things are good and fun.  I love the toys that sing when played with.  Ropes are NOT the best  for chewing on.  No Raw Hides.   The best and safest type of bones are the FEMUR BONE FROM TRACTOR SUPPLY AND GET THE LARGE ONES.  Most of you know that we love the fluffy Soccer ball.  

The pups love these toys.  Your pup is playing with these, now.

The pups love these toys.  Your pup is playing with these, now.

5. Dog Bedding
If you don’t want the pup in the bed with you, then get bedding, now and make it his/her place. I have to warn you all that it might be a challenge to keep it in one place.  We are talking about a playful pup. It’s a good idea to have a back-up bed in the TV room, so he won’t jump on the sofa, unless you want to share the sofa.. 
Too often the medium or big dog can stretch out on the sofa, and you’re on the floor. Do not go out and buy a $300.00 bed unless you like to burn money.  As I have said, they are young and EVERYTHING  is a toy.

6. Dog Crates and exercise pens / xpen
Get the GIANT CRATE.  DOn't forget blankets.  I don't use expensive pads as the pups will play with it.  Blankets are easier and will last.  Wait until they grow up to buy the expensive padding  and beds.

 I prefer this type of webbing while pups are young. Be Careful for the head getting in
I do not prefer this kind of gate. 

8. Grooming Supplies
Pups love brushing, it all about spending extra special time for me  :) So, have on hand brushes and combs.
 If you plan to bathe the pup at home you need shampoo, I always have the NuVet Tearless or Johnsons Tearless.  Always go "tearless". 

8. Gates and Doors
If the pup is going to be in  a certain area of the house, then have a gate and think about this before hand.  You know habits are hard to break. Don't say yes and then decide no and expect the pup to understand your indecision.   Make a plan because consistency is a wonderful thing  :)  Xpens aka exercise pens/playpens.

There are extra large Exercise Pen when you leave your puppy.
 You can also clip two together
The best!!!

you may find that you will want two and hook them together.
These are exactly what we use.
I do not recommend for puppies, only Big Dogs!


Install a dog door if you want the dog to have free access to the yard and house. Once the dog understands what the door is for, they will use it forever.  Think about the future need to change lever door knobs with round ones..some do learn to push up these and open doors.

9. Training.  
The Gentle Leader - We love it.

Vinegar for the pee pee accidents.  Soak up the urine and them blot with Vinegar.
  That will clean and neutralize the odor  :)

Once you have all these things lined up, you should be getting baby soon.  
You’ve made a “welcome home” for your Saint Bernard Puppy.

Order the NuVet and NuJoint Supplements to help support health and keep strong healthy joints.   These are the best, I believe it and have used them for years.   Puppies start eating these early and stay on them for a lifetime.
You can visit the NuVet site and order yours, now.   You will be glad that you did.

I recommend xxl crates.   Pups learn to love them and you can leave the door open.  It is there house  :)



Thank you,
Jackie  989/460-7960

Saint Bernard Puppies in Florida.   We Ship puppies within the United States and Canada.

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