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Play / Exercising  Growing Puppies

Your Saint Bernard puppy needs plenty of exercise, however, while providing this, please, remember your pup is only a puppy.   No, kidding your pup has energy and needs to play!!!   I know all about that, I raise them, remember?  :)

There is so much puppy energy and that big Saint Bernard puppy of yours.  Please, remember that your pup should not be allowed to jump in and out of the trucks, be careful and think about the bones and joints.  Your baby is growing and will for almost two full years.  

Don't throw balls or anything up in the air for the boys and girls to jump and fly in the air for.   Do not let your Saint Bernard puppy play hard that will endanger their joints and that is playing with repeated movements and hard landings.   The puppy's body is still  immature and is not prepared to take the results of strong, and or repeated impact during the first two years.   

Your baby is growing and although they are big, they are still growing pups.

The leg bones grow from areas located near the end of the bones. Those end plates are soft areas called growth plates (also epiphyseal plates or the epiphysis).  Since you have a super size Saint, it will be two years until the growth plates “close”.  

The softening of the growth plates will become hard as the calcium and minerals harden the area.  When the hardening process is completed, majority of growth stops and the growth plates will be closed.  

  It is important for you to protect your Saint Bernard puppy during this time.   Growth plates can be injured before two years old and can cause permanent damage.  Growth plates can stop growing or to grow abnormally due to injury.

Your Saint Bernard puppy will have have mature bones ie, closed growth plates until approximately two years of age.

            Protect your Saint Bernard Puppies..........check it out on the web   :)

Accidents happen - Don't get surgery, you may be advised to!

I am not saying if surgery is necessary don't get it.  What I am saying in respect to bone surgery is.......... you better have a lot of evidence that this surgery is in face needed, necessary etc.  I would never have my pups bones operated on unless it was confirmed with a team of doctors at a University
 All too often, dogs do get hurt and right away, you might find your Vet telling you, you need surgery.  We have heard this too often, then you say no, go to another Vet and they confirm what you thought.

What to do, do what the conservative Vets do, WAIT and see.

The conservative treatment and the best for your pup or dog is to take some time off.   This usually means several weeks of being in the crate.  Take pup out for walks, potty and eat.  If it is the knee than it will most likely be wrapped and sometimes there are anti-inflammatory meds given/prescribed. 

It's a hard call to make, what to do, what to do.   I would never deny an animal of any kind surgery if they needed it.  How do you know for sure?

Sometimes resting and being in their crate works and sometimes it does not.  There are reasons for surgery.....but too many Vets will jump into surgery too quick.    I have just learned that with people and animals that medicine is too often a guessing game. The stakes are too high, I don't want to play, there is too much suffering involved.

my disclaimer)  I am not a Vet, call one for medical attention or medical advice.  I am only writing to inform and add awareness.  This is not to replace medical advice or treatment from a DVM.   This is to remind you to never do anything radical unless it is a matter of life or death.  If possible get a 2nd and or 3rd opinion.

I speak from too many experiences and I have seen more than I care to remember.

Also, again, get a Mobile Vet established......someone will get to you and that most likly can be your 2nd Vet.   Even if you only use them once, you and your Saint will be established which means you will have another source to help if necessary.

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