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 Pet Vitamins - Nutrition - NuVet - Puppy Food And NuVet Supplements

The quality of food you choose now will make a lifetime of difference !!!

You have chosen to get a Giant Breed and "Gentle Giants" they are called  :)

You have invested time, money and emotionally you will be giving all that you have to this new Saint Bernard baby.

Your Saint Bernard puppy has special needs being a Big Dog. 
You have Adopted an exceptional puppy :)    I  invest my life and I love them all to pieces.  I give them all that I have, please, please keep it going. 

Keep it going for yourself.
Keep it going for them. 

Prevent problems with Large Breed Puppy Formula Premium Puppy Food. 

3 - 4  times per day, learn what meals
 they want and need and then you can cut back.   Your puppy will tell you
when they are not hungry.  It is up to you to offer the food  :)

To begin, when your baby arrives home, feed three to five times per day.  Morning, Lunch, and snacks of food in between.  Feed three times a day until at least four months of age
 Fill the bowl, let them eat what they want. That is called, "free freeding", I like that best but it may not work for you.    The pups will leave the rest and you pick up to bowl.   Stop the myths.......your Saint is not going to overeat or get fat They need the nutrition.  Think about how much energy it takes to grow so much  :)  
Give them all their bodies need!

Adult Food Vs Puppy Food.  It makes a difference. 

Adults should not be eating puppy food and puppies do not need to be eating Adult food.   Premium foods are better quality and ingredients are better then
 non-brand cheap foods.   As I have said, millions of dollars are spent researching and developing these specific foods.  

When you adopted your Saint Bernard baby,
 you graduated to a whole new level.

Give the best to your Saint.  They are going to give the best to you.

 Research is everywhere on food.  

Foods are specialized and yes there are millions of dollars

 being spent on research to create the best and give us choices. 

  There are scientific reasons why these specific foods exist.  

The Foods are specific.  Foods are meeting specific needs

 at certain stages and phases of your

 Saint Bernard Puppies life.

Your puppy should begin with Puppy food  and then 

depending on the growth rate may need to be changed

to Adult formula.   

We always us the Large Breed.

I remember you calling, you wanted that puppy  :)   Many of you  asked many questions
and wanted to get ready.   You asked my advice on many things.   I answered all the questions to the best of my ability.   I do as much research as I can.  I safeguard
against all puppy-hood and Big Dog mishaps.

Please, don't skimp on the food or supplements.   It will cost you in the end.  
Give your baby all that you can to keep them strong and healthy.   Cancer is at a
 high rate and we have to protect against everything.   If good food and a great
supplements can and will help, give your Saint the best.  It's proven supplements help and NuVet is great.  Yes, if we all eat everything that is organic then probably we might be able to get away with not getting an illness.  I would not bet my life on it though.  If you don't take them than you probably should  :) 

Large Breed Puppy Formula

Premium Food means it is s
uperior in quality.
We suggest a premium food, we like Royal Canin, Eukanuba and Diamond Naturals the most.
   My Saints like  many other foods but they have all thrived on these three listed.

Remember Nature / Nurture

That is what really is the cause of most problems that we all will face or have faced.

It has been proven that Hip Dysplasia is related to poor nutrition, not only injury or hereditary.
 It has been proven to be prevented and or helped with nutrition, supplements.

Sometimes, no matter what you do it will can happen.  We all can only do the best that we can do.  There is no 100% anything.

The large breed formula dog foods provide the proper nutrition for your puppy; it is imperative to moderate calorie and calcium levels as you grow a large breed
puppy to help control growth. If the puppy grows too fast, he/she can develop skeletal problems such as hip dysphasia.

Hip Dysphasia is not always genetic, how your puppy grows plays raised has a large role
in contributing to the development or in preventing it.

A dog predisposed to hip dysplasia can go a lifetime without hip dysphasia;
 and a dog not predisposed can develop hip dysplasia by improper diet and improper exercise. 

We use Diamond Naturals......Don't forget the Naturals, they are different.
Here is a photo of the bag  :)  It is Corn, Soy and Wheat free.  Soy promotes Cancer, did you know that???

Feed Royal Canin that's Happy's Favorite


You may need to switch to Large Breed Adult depending on how fast your puppy grows.

We supplement with NuVet.

Every Giant Breed puppy and dog should be on a Joint supplement.

We also us NuJoint.

Don't be fooled by the imitation. 

The pet stores will tell you it is NuVet but it is not

NuVet and NuJoint can not be sold in stores!!!

These should be purchased before picking up puppy.
The pups  start taking them at 7 weeks.

Speak To The Representative if preferred at Ext: 266 
and provide number 81909.  Jackie with Sandy Beach Saints!
Ask about the Autoship Discount
Thank you, Jackie

Large Breed Formula - Saint Bernard Puppy Food
It's begins with Moms Milk and then I make Mush  :)
Large Breed Puppy Mush

 Royal Canin recommend that pups should stay on puppy food until 24 months. I have learned that this time frame does not work for all pups. If you see signs of lameness or improper gait, no matter what age, they need to be switched from puppy to adult food.  This will slow down the growth rate.  At least test it.  Always, check with your Vet.

The growing process involves depositing calcium on the top of the bones daily, if something interrupts that process then the calcium gets distributed unevenly and problems start. 

The two things that interrupt the bone lengthening process are improper food and exercise.

I would suggest that you double the NuJoint if you have any problems with accidents or limping for unknown reasons.   Slow down on exercise and consult the Vet.
This is serious business ...protect your Saint.

Do Not Jump, repeatedly.

We do not allow Saint Bernard puppies to jump off furniture or out of our of vehicles, if they do jump, when possible I take their paws and place them back on the floor, not allowing them to jump or back off of what they are up on.  They are going to be puppies and that does include jumping, but excessive jumping and repetitive actions that will overwork and wear joints is to be avoided with any pup.  Growth plates do not close for 18 months.  It is almost guaranteed if you do not control this then you will be getting surgery.  Protect them with supervision and protect the joints with the supplements.

Exercise and play are important; some recommendations from Vets are that Saint Bernard puppies, need to run with having open strides and that is on a daily basis.
(Like throwing a ball as hard as you can and letting them go after it).

Dogs laying around all day then taken for a walk on a leash is not enough for proper development.  They need regular play time but not rough crazy time with bigger dogs that lead to accidents.

 Pups and Adults need to run.  Throw a ball and get those muscles developing :)

Teach Children - Don't Assume that they know

Your Saint Bernard puppy is big but not indestructible. Please, supervise when with children. A pups spirit can be lost if children are not treating the puppy correctly. Riding and hanging on Saint Bernard puppies cause severe problems.  These are strong dogs but they are not horses. Sometimes, individuals think that children riding on the back seems like a funny idea.  Protect your pups from individuals that you feel might be unsafe, you will know as they always express these thoughts with usually "wouldn't it be funny if we". No, it is not funny or cute and don't play along, it could hurt your puppy!!!

We expect these puppies will be properly socialized. We have spoken about it.   We hope for fun and other reasons obedience training will be included in your plans. As a responsible breeder, we do everything possible to breed quality dogs of sound mind and body.   A sound mind and body is a happy dog that has work to do.   Training and playing make a happy dog  :)  They are so intelligent and love to please.  They are wonderful in school and learn very quickly.  They love to obey and make you proud!  Each and everyday, you will love your Saint Bernard and you will believe they are "perfect", just like so many of us do!!!

Proper feeding (large breed puppy formula), exercise, training and socializing. All of the above, make up and result in a well-rounded, sound, adult dog. A beautiful, healthy, well brought up Canine that will be a wonderful, companion is what you will have.   Your puppy will be a healthy, happy puppy that you can and will be proud of :)

(My disclaimer) Please, note these are only my opinions and conclusions. Please, contact your Veterinarian for further information.

Each and everyday, you will love your Saint Bernard and you will believe they are "perfect". So many of us do!!!  Proper feeding (large breed puppy formula), exercise, training and socializing. All of the above, make up and result in a well-rounded, sound, adult dog.
Research does not mean looking something up. 

 Research means reading Scientific Journals of research studies. 

Thank you,

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