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Puppy Supplement   -   Hand Raise Puppies

Puppy Formula
Puppy Supplement   -   Hand Raise Puppies
Puppy Food, Formula, For Puppies

Formula For Orphaned pups or and extra calories for lactating Moms.  Also a puppy formula for Moms that cannot produce the milk needed.   This is a must for a large litter of puppies that need additional food.
 Mothers that has had surgery can always use this puppy formula. There are times that dogs suffer with Mastitis and puppies need to be put on puppy formula.  This is it.  Its the best that I know and has proven to be fantastic.  There are various reasons as stated and more for supplemental feedings.

The recipe does not change. 
Our AKC Saint Bernard puppies have been born into a loving home. Our Saint Bernard pups are our babies.  We take loving care of them.  We have large litters and we sometimes need to have puppy formula.  Also we have experienced a Mother that needs help feeding her babies because of having surgery.  We take the load off of her.   For many, it is not so easy.  Sometime, puppy milk supplement is because it is a case of needing to help Orphan puppies when one runs a rescue.   There are so many reasons. I will list the recipe but there are a few words of caution that you may not know.  Please, read in and contact your pet professional if you are not sure.  Your Vet is your best source of help if you have an emergency.

This puppy supplement can be used when tube feeding or in a bottle.

* Check nipple on the bottle and make sure that it is not flowing (flowing milk will provide puppy with too much and then puppy will likely aspirate.   DO NOT let this happen as the puppies will be at risk for pneumonia.)  The milk should drip only. (A drip should provide the ease of milk consumption.  Your aim is to not have the puppies work too hard to get the puppy formula.)  

*  Puppies can and will aspirate the formula and then you might complicate matters with puppies getting pneumonia. Puppies die from this.  I prefer tube feeding to begin until pups get a little older.    
* Warmth:  Puppies must be warm when they eat or their gut shuts down.  The cannot eat when they are cold and they will not digest puppy supplement. 
* Puppies temps should be optimally 98 .  A rectal thermometer will tell you what you need to know.  Warm the puppy formula up to the temp of the puppy.   Test of your wrist just as with a human baby.

I prefer a regular size baby bottle.  I will submerge into warm water and slowly rewarm puppy supplement. (I use the stove, fill my bottle and submerge in a pot.  I test the temperature, frequently.)

*Do not serve to pups right after you have blended the mixture.   Let the bubbles settle.  If one feels that they can mix adequately then use a whisk.  Personally, I like a mixer and then waiting.   One should never feed pups bubbles.  This is a good rule for bottle feeding or tube feeding.

*Burp the puppies  just as you would always burp a human baby.
Feel the pups tummy while they drink the puppy formula.  The tummies will get full but you want to be sure they do not get hard and distended.  They should be soft to push.  It is best not to overfeed.   

You will get better as you go.  Do not be scared, you can do this!!!


Order the NuVet I blend in with the puppy mush and it must be
given to Mom each day.  I also blend this in puppy mush.  Then we move on the the wafer as they age.

Puppy Supplement Recipe

2 cans of Evaporated Milk or Goats Milk     (12 ounce)  Do not get fat free.  Vitamin D is fine.

6 ounces of Baby Water, Pure Water or Boiled Water  (Babies need water)
 1 cup of  plain unflavored Yogurt

 1 Teaspoon of Dark Karo Syrup

 2 Egg Yolks

 1 Teaspoon of Mayonnaise  (Not Fat Free and Not Skim)

The pups are going to love it.

(General rule to follow is 1CC or 1ML per ounce  of body weigh every 2 hours. )
(Mixture will last in refrigerator for 5 days)

This puppy supplement can be used when tube feeding or in a bottle.

You may also buy the ready made supplement until things settle down
and you have time to make your own.  It is great to always have this on hand.


If you find that you have a baby too weak to eat the rub Karo syrup on gums and

this will usually provide energy to eat.  If not then you will then need to tube feed your puppy. 

A puppy must be warm to be fed and stay they must be hydrated or they will die.

The best place that I find is WalMart as everything is always available.
I buy Evaporated Milk by the case for Moms and pups :)  Its always a good thing.

Evaporated Milk is great for Mom.   Many times the Mother Dog they do not want to drink.  Evaporated Milk mixed with water always does the trick.    It also help hydrate her of course. This produces milk when she is not hydrated enough to do so.  Moms get fixated on their pups and don't want to eat or drink.

Evaporated Milk can help with so much.  I ask all my puppy parents to give to pups after flying to flush 
their systems since they have been on a plane without drinking.   

It's simply a smart choice.
 Watch for the puppies getting dehydrated.  (You pull up the skin on the back of the neck and it needs to fall back down, quickly.  If it is stiff and stays up you need hydration in the baby) You may find that you will need to administer injection of Lactated Ringers to hydrate.   Your Vet will be able to provide a necessary instruments and instructions if needed.

We love our babies and know that you do too

God Bless all of our puppies.
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