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We breed Saints For The Right Reasons. 

Not Much is working correctly on this page.  I am trying to correct it all and keep trying to keep it moving.    The bottom half is better.   I am making phone calls to get help with this, I don't have the time to figure it all out   :)  
This program is showing me 7 I know it's not me

Yodel's and Happy's Blog    

We are expecting the Akc Saint Bernard puppies from 
Yodel  and  Happy .  
 The excitement is building!!!   The Mommas are growing bigger as the
 babies are developing.

If you would like to read about the process during the (63 days)
 developing babies, please see this
 page  "Making" AKC Saint Bernard Puppies.

Yodel and Happy have had their puppies.

Yodel's Pups
Were Born Nov 6th
 Happy's Pups 
Were Born Nov 11th

st. bernard puppies

   Hap's pups were born Nov 11th

We don't have any pictures of Yodel. 
There is always so much activity that 
it's not possible to take photos too. 
Yodel had 3 pups and they came fast.
Pups started being born at 9:00 p.m.

I  thought that I heard a puppy cry.                          

 I hung up the phone and pulled
off the road.   I turned around and
 only saw Yodel.   I thought,
 I really am tired, obviously  I
should not be driving.

That was a scary feeling. There was 
no choice as  it was a We arrived to
the office and when calling  Yodel 
to come, she didn't.  She is a great 
 listener but she was not listening!!!   
 I reached in and took her leash  and
she did not want  to come.  I of
course asked her  "what's wrong 
with you,  you always listen to me?"
 I took  the leash to persuade her to come
and she did...what did I see  A PUPPY!!!  
 A PUPPY, I took the pup and tucked the 
 baby in my shirt.  We went into the office   
I was not delirious after all  :) The doctor
 treated her and we slept  on the floor
together all day, waiting.     

The operation took place about  4:00 that
afternoon. Yodel had a  C-Section and was

We brought home 4 pups.   Our Girl  was
fine and was resting   :)   Yodel was put in
the car, we loaded the pups and we
all came home   :) Thank God and
thanks to many, many people that 
are known and unknown to me!!!

 I thank you all for the love, the care
and concern.

Yodel and pups are doing GREAT!!!

 I had been up a long time and was
 tired before the Yodel went into labor.

Things were going smooth but then
the pups were not moving.    It was time
to get medical help!!! It was about 3 in
the morning when I made the first
phone call.

 I left my home about 8:00 a.m. for the Doctors.
They were not open but they would be.
 I stopped to get some cokes knowing
 I would need something to drink.  I forgot
my Coke on the counter.
 The office was closed so it didn't matter
if I stopped there was not one waiting for me.

 I locked Yodel in the car, while I ran in.
I always park in front so I can see the car.
When I went back and was getting into
the car, I didn't know what poket I put the keys in.
I put my coke on roof top. I had
filled my purse  for what might be
needed during the day.  My head was spinning!!!

 The timing of todays events were 
unknown at this point. I didn't take
 time to eat.  I had to be there when
 the doctor arrived.   Leaving the store purse
 was overflowing with one coke.  I saw
the receipt fly away and no, today, I did
not chase it.   
Burr, It was freezing and I did not put
on a coat either.

I had to make phone call...and start now.
While on the phone, trying to line up who,
what, where, don't forget when and how!!!
Yodel is in the backseat enjoying the ride  :)

Dec 15, 2012
Pictures of Pups
"Puppy Sleeping In Dish"

Today is Dec 19, 2012
Here I sit and I am thinking, what makes me think that I have time to write this blog now???
It's 9:30 in the morning and I just had to call the Vet's to check what time my appointment was.   I put water in the microwave but did not warm it up and thought, what is wrong with this as my creamer would not mix.  My thoughts then go to "why do I drink instant coffee" boy, how many times have I been asked that??? The answer to that question is probably almost as often as I have been asked "is that a Saint Bernard?". hahaha I crack myself up!!! Thought processes, it is amazing how the mind does work or not!!!  I could never express what it is like to been so tied and worn out.  Only a breeder and a Mom would know!!!  

Now the puppies are eating without their Moms.  That makes it easier!!!  There are only ten "baby bottles" on Mom and with 16 pups...lining them up and alternating is a full time job  :) 

 I look at the babies and it is the best :)  They are so beautiful, so brand new and so inquisitive.  I just gave them breakfast...of course they pile on top of one another even though there are six bowls.

I am going to try to back date some and fill in some of the time with photos.  I sure had the best intentions of working on this everyday.  I wanted to for all of you so you could share in the events of the day or lack of.   In the beginning the puppies require everything I have and that is the first priority, always  :)  So here I go, better late than never!!!

I should have prefaced this by saying this is a test, let's all see how it turns out.  
Now, Christmas is approaching,  hummm, what was I thinking  LOL

Dec 23
We went to the Doctors and had the 2nd checks, the first vaccination, health certificate

 and worming before going home!!! 
Dec 24th

Candi Cane, our first baby went home today with Lori and Chris.  
Their Daughter Michele will be pacing the floor, I am sure, until they arrive with that
 beautiful baby.

They were absolutely thrilled and although it is so sad, I am so happy with the families!!!
Our second baby went home also,  Christmas Tree.
Oh it is sad to say goodbye.

 I kiss them and tell them that I love them.  Tears, now, just thinking about it.   Tears everytime.   I can't help it, I love them all so much.  I want them all to have the very best and be loved like crazy.  I want them all to be happy and loved so much.   Wheew.  It's hard.     Seeing the happiness and the love that everyone has makes it possible.

 AKC Saint Bernard Puppies

This Is  "Big Daddy"  :)

Pups Are On The Way

Yodel's  Temperature is now
100.3  at 10:00 P.M. 
When it drops below 100 puppies are expected in roughly 12 hours.
I expect to see the babies by morning, on Nov 4th as scheduled!!! 
No, pups did not come.  
Nov 4th 8:30 P.M. temperature was 99.7
That's below 100  :)  That could bring us to approximately first thing Monday Morning Nov 5th.

Yodel and Hap at Dinner
(Certainly not my favorite but it is one for them)

Nov 5th  2:00 A.M. temperature is 99.4
Ok, we are going for this morning.  It's early NOW.   Yodel did eat Breakfast so that is a sign that the pups  will not be born in the awhile.  I usually do not go with the "will not eat" rule as they usually do eat and this is not reliable for me.  Proven once again!!!

Scrambled Eggs and Regular puppy food
The Girls Eat Puppy Food During Gestation.

I rely on the behavior and breathing.  Since I am documenting this, I am trying to share more and use more of the techniques.  

I know this is a very exciting time for all of you and I want to let you in on as much as possible. 

   I wish I did have a Crystal ball, right now.  What choice is there, right, the pups are going to come out. It has to be soon, actually probably this morning or afternoon!!!

My thoughts are that the first breeding was not the day that resulted in making pups.   63 days is usually constant so there is nothing left to believe.

The babies were born.  
We Have Seven Beautiful Puppies

Four Males and Three Females.

Beautiful, Healthy AKC Saint Bernard Puppies!!!

Yodel's  Pups
November 6th



Nov 11th
Happy gave birth to  sixteen   puppies!!!

saint bernard puppies

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We are expecting the puppies from
Yodel  and from Happy in November.

Thank you.    Puppies will be listed for viewing the puppies available page  :)

Please,  put our Girls in your prayers!!!

Akc Saint Bernard Puppies

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