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Some of the families with their new
Akc Saint Bernard Puppies.
Saint Bernard Love,
 It's Perfect!!!






Akc Saint Bernard Puppies for sale


akc saint bernard puppies, saint bernard puppies for sale in florida, florida 
A beautiful "Hospice Ear" Pup.


 Owning A Saint, Changes Your life Forever. 
  You will understand that if you don't already  :)






 Is Hugging A Saint!


 My baby.

See The Saint Love

               Teresa's Baby Boy.






 akc saint bernard puppies

We are going to love this baby forever.









Congrats on doing an
outstanding job with
 your classes.



A Beautiful
Saint Bernard Puppy Named Lola,  Brings Love and More Love To A Wonderful Family.

Adina and her beautiful Daughter



Bella, you did a great job teaching Lola!!!

I Am So Happy For you!!!




A Saint Bernard Puppy Shower!!! 



My Love
Saint Bernard puppies for sale in Florida, Akc

That is me, Jackie,

"The Babysitter"  :)

akc saint bernard puppies, southern glow saints

 Steve and Zack

Just Can't Get Enough!!!

Jackie and Happy, saint bernard puppies
Joe and Yodel



Loving the
 Big Dog!!!


akc saint bernard puppies, Gabby with Moms in Florida

Saint Bernard
Puppy Love

akc saint bernard puppies, Gabby in Florida

Akc Saint Bernard puppies for sale, saints shipped to Florida , now in Florida

Owning a Saint, It's A Dream come true!!!



saint bernard puppies,

 A Magical Day


akc saint bernard puppies

akc saint bernard puppies



She's A Dream

akc saint bernard puppies, Penny in Michigan 


akc saint bernard puppies

A Saints Love!!!  Saint Bernards  Heal And Brightens Everyday!



Thank you all for the love shared with us and our Saints!

"Hug A Saint, 
You'll Feel Great"
(Teresa's quote " Hug a Saint, You'll Feel Great"
Teresa is the person that inspired this ""Hug A Saint" Page.  Thank you, Teresa)


saint bernard gifts, saint bernard gift and merchandise

akc saint bernard puppies,

Thank you for visiting
We will ship many  times when there is more than one pup going to a household or in the same direction, we might be able to arrange ground travel.  You are also more than welcome to always come and visit, to pick out and or pick up your  Saint Bernard puppy.

Saint Bernard puppies For Sale in Florida 
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