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In Loving Memory Of Luna
Learn from Sweet Baby Luna

Luna 1-2011  to 1-2012              Please, say a prayer for Luna and Luna's family!

Sweet, Loving, Luna
 Jan 2011 - Jan 2012

This sweet baby, was born and passed away within a year.   Luna is one of Happy and Landscape's pups.   Luna is no longer with the family that she loved and that love her.   Luna's family has suffered the panic, the dread, the agony of waiting.  Now the horrifying knowledge and realization of malpractice. 

This has been a tragic loss!  Please, if you are reading this, say prayers for them and say a prayer for Luna too.  We know Luna is fine but her family is not.

I told Luna's Mom, Tina, that I would make a page for Luna to help inform everyone that comes across this site about Malpractice.   Malpractice, it's not only about people. 

Please, think of Luna and her family when you think about your Vet.  Evaluate the confidence level that you have.   Do you think the Vet is great or do you think he/she/they really should only have a shot clinic?  Do you think they are good at practicing medicine OR is it that you like them?  Do you have faith in their ability?  What makes you sure of this and have you seen them do their work?   It is not a perfect world.

Think about what you would do if you were told that your pup needed surgery or they would die?  If you would rather go to another doctor, I would suggest you do that, now!  Get another doctor before anything happens and you need a doctor.

Let me say one thing, if your pet has not been hit by a car and is not bleeding profusely get more opinions.   I believe it is necessary to have a 2nd and 3rd opinion.

When there is bleeding involved, I know there may be no time to get stable and move on.  If there is time, do it, it might be your Saints only hope.

We have to trust our doctors, but who is watching them???
Who is watching out for us and our pets???

            Malpractice is a type of negligence in which the professional under a duty to act fails to follow generally accepted professional standards.

Doctors: We need to be able to believe that they know what they are doing. My advice, before you go to one, if you have not had that doctor for years or if you are getting a new one. Before you go, Call and ask...

1) Where did they go to school?  Hopefully it will be a University that you know of. Perhaps, The University of Florida or University of Michigan, for example.  

I can tell you from experience it cost less to drive all that way and avoid mistakes. 
 That is if you have something serious.

2) You want a doctor that has been around and knows how to make a diagnosis. Being a good doctor is being a good clinician.
You want alot of practice!!! 

3) Evaluate this office as you would for yourself.  Is it clean?  Do they know what they are talking about?  Is there enough help, do they sound proficient?  

If your Saint needs to stay overnight is there staff overnight???  Well shoot, my pet does not need to be in a cage alone all night!!!

You have a big dog will there be someone to help, enough people to help and keep your big dog safe?

Do not assume that this office will, please, ASK!!!

The Universities teach, who better and to know they have the lastest technology available??? Ask yourself that question.  Think about this now  :)  Don't wait until you cannot think.   You are always welcome to call me. I will help you think and two heads are usually better than one  :)  Jackie 989/460-7960

No, I am not saying a young doctor can not be great and that smaller or unknown schools can not produce good doctors.

I am saying to be cautious, we have to be extra careful. Get the odds on your side.  It's a cruel world and a greedy one. When you realize, no one is watching the doctors  it becomes very scary.

When it is something routine, I have always had my Vet do it.  Once, I had a mistake happen and it cost me my Saint too.   I have had a mistake happen and resulted in no sight and I have lost two puppies, one died and the Vet told me a puppy was never there. I have also lost 17 puppies from a litter of 19.  We were almost dead ourselves after that.  We were traumatized and physically sick.   The heartache and memories of such Negligence and Malpractice will forever be in my mind.
  It is insane because they know they can get away with Murder and they do.

Most of us are good people.....we think people think like we do. I would never dream of doing something if I was not going to do it right. I use to think others thought like that.........wrong!!!

The three starting points again, these are a good beginning.

Please, always get a 2nd, or even a 3rd opinion and never let your pet be operated on without a 2nd or 3rd doctors opinion.  

Unless, you know without a doubt surgery is necessary do not let anyone operate. If your Saint Bernard is not going to die take them to another Vet for a second opinion.

Don't be a Victim of Malpractice!!!

When you have something going on but no one knows what......Go to the University Hospitals if possible.  Unless, you have a Vet you know and trust.

 I know the drives are far but there are many doctors. Yes, they will protect one another if something goes wrong but they are less likely to make a wrong diagnosis in the beginning.  They are teaching, they are experienced and they are training students to diagnose and using the lasted tests.

When it is not a common occurrence and you believe it is an emergency..........get to a doctor and get the pup stable,  call the university and go.  That is the best advice in the world I can give to any person for themselves and anyone for their pup  :)

I have had a sick Saint myself, no one knew what was going on, I was all over the place with doctors and no one knew anything.  I was able to get to the University of Florida.   They saved my baby but if I had not gotten there I would have lost her.   The university of Florida doctors helped me, when other doctors didn't have a clue. 

Learn from what others warn you about.

Luna lost her life because of an incompetent Vet.  That doctor should only have a shot clinic.  She operated on Luna without being the presenting doctor at least that is what the doctor told me.   She had no answers when I called to ask her to test this or that.  The doctor had done no tests, only CBC, and she told me "I was thinking about that".   The doctor had the nerve to tell me, she didn't know and then said Luna was going to die if she had not done surgery.  I told her "not tomorrow, she wasn't."   

Luna was operated on and had only xrays and the xrays were negative.   They told the family they needed to do exploratory surgery. 

Luna had an infection and they did a great deal of unnecessary surgery.  Luna, went in because she started acting funny and lost weight.  She had a infection.   She had an infection and they did surgery, it was crazy and heartbreaking.   

Diana, my friend who also raises so familiar with hearing about exploratory surgery from Vets.  I can't stand to think about some of the things that I have seen and heard about.  

 I will help you with the knowledge that I have.   I want to help!!!  
 If you did not get a pup from me but have found my site, you are welcome to call me too.   I am not a doctor but I will help you think of things that might help  :)

Learn From Luna 

Always have a Mobile Vet available. Get yourself and your Saint Bernard established just in case.   If you can not get to the doctor, they will get to you!!! It's always better to have a 2nd doctor.

Malpractice is not just about people :(

Thank you,


Rest In Pease, Beloved Luna

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