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Saint Bernard Puppies Born; A Record Size Litter of 16!!!


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How Many More Puppies Are You Going To Have ???

Record Size Litter Of Saint Bernards

On November 11, 2012

Happy went into Labor and she delivered 16
Healthy, Beautiful Saint Bernard Puppies

Happy's Litter Ties With The Second Largest Litter Of Saint Bernard Puppies Born And Recorded In History.

Happy gave birth to 16, Oh Happy!!!
We Believe This Is Something To Celebrate!!!
We Thank You For All The Love  :)

  To us, Happy, has always been famous.  
We think Happy and Landscape planned this in order to compete with Yodel's "Hero status"!!!  

Happy and her Saints!!!
An article written by Bill Petzold  

 Saint Bernard Breeder Jackie Rochford Michigan

 Second largest litter of Saint Bernards

 Happy and Her Happy Babies


Here is a wonderful picture of Bill and Happy!!!

Bill Petzold - Happy and Bill!!!   Saint Bernard Puppies

Bill, We All Thank you and The Tuscola County Advisor
For Sharing Our Happy's Story!!!


Thank you for reading about us and our Record Litter of Saint Bernard Puppies!!!

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Jackie   989/  460-7960

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