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Our Sincere Thanks To All Of You!  We Thank You All
 For The Love And Kindness That You Have Shown To Us And Our Babies.   Our Babies Are Now Your Saints. We Are Thrilled With All Of The New Families :)

Diana thinks that I am crazy to show this picture...LOL  It is one of my FAVORITES!!!

If mailing pictures for site, please, mail to my email. 

Thank you  :)



Hi Jackie,
Thank you so much for everything today! I LOVE Jonathan, and appreciate all of the EXTRA'S you have done to make this such an incredible time. He's sleeping right now-BRB-he's awake now and I showed him some toys and brushed him. He's PERFECT!!!

You know that it was more than a  pleasure..........Yes, hahhahah   I do know how much you love the book, "Momma"  :)  
We have more than a few stories to crack up about  :)


I want to thank you and your husband for giving us one of the greatest gift's of our lives. You made my family's world as well as the lives of the people that she will touch by being a Therapy dog. She will definitely succeed as a Therapy Dog because her personality is just perfect. We knew she was the one when we first met her. She is very kind, gentle and a complete cuddle bug. Her dog mommy at home is our 9 year old English Bulldog Sugar Puff, and they are inseparable. She thinks she is bigger than she really is. Her good buddies are also Therapy Dogs, and they are Elsie a Newfoundland, Neptune a Newfoundland and Sirius a Golden-doodle and she just adores them all.  She really makes you see a different side to life, the one you can count on, the one that will be your best friend forever. We will grow with Tulip and learn from her as much as she will learn from us. Thank you again so much for breeding an amazing dog and we look forward to coming to you again someday.



Lyndsey Cunningham & Family

Thank you Lyndsey...not only a Soccer Mom but a wonderful Mom to all the children and to Tulip.   So thrilled for you and the St. Pete Children's Hospital.
They are all so very lucky to have you!!!


Thank you Jackie for all that you have done! I feel very blessed to have met you. You have provided me with so much valuable information while I wait for my new baby to arrive!!! No question is ever left unanswered and that means the world to me!!! I take so much comfort in knowing that my baby is with you because of the love that you have for the St. Bernard breed. Thank you again!!! You are wonderful!!! :) Kristina 
You are welcome Kristina, Thank you for providing two pups with FOREVER's what all pups deserve and no less.   They only kind of homes that they do deserve.   We want our pups to have the very best and be pampered and spoiled like you will give to them.  We are very lucky to find great homes.  Thank you for finding us.  Your heart is full now and that is great.   Dreams have come true!!!   Loving the pups like your children and giving them the best Forever!   Thank you :)  I know that you will love them to pieces and give them a long and happy life together.  All the children are very lucky.   They are learning so much about responsibility now too  :)  It's a good thing!!!

 Hi mom Jackie! I just wanted to say HI~
I'm really enjoying my new home! I'm getting so big, 34 pounds (went to the vet today for my shot, I did so good, I'm such a big boy now!). My people really love me, the kids play with me every day. My parent give me lots of love, and treats when I do "potty outside". It so hot I spend a lot of time laying on the vents getting all the cold air on my belly. I've met my grand parents, cousins and other family.
Just wanted to say hi, we'll be in touch!


Thank you so very was always fun when you came to visit.
 I tell the story all the time  LOL   
Love the pictures  :)

Please, see the photos of families here with their new puppies

Thank you!!!




Remember if ever one of your babies are in Pennsylvania and needs help, we are here for you. The day Plato arrived at the airport my heart was overjoyed. I told my husband, "honest people still exist". I started to tell everyone about my "Saint Bernard breeder in Michigan ". My dream came true and it was because of you. I think we will be friends for a very long time!  Teresa
Teresa, you are A Dream Mom :)
 I thought the world of you the first time we spoke and I always will, my friend  :)  




I decided to name him Marco.
He is so incredibly beautiful and sweet!
He sleeps on his back with his legs in the air, it's the cutest thing. He's happy and healthy!
Hope you're doing well!

Thank you Natalie for all the great photos ...........
 Have a wonderful time with him and keep in touch. I think of you both often!!!


Kristina  wrote:  Hi Jackie, I just wanted to say thank you so much for my Perry boy. He is fantastic in his new "FOREVER" home. He has been playing with his sister Buttons, Corey, the kids, and myself. We are just in complete awe!!! He has been giving all of us millions of sweet baby kisses. I was amazed when we received our precious baby girl Buttons. Now that we have Perry to it is just breath-taking. The two of them together is just mind blowing. Jackie you have done a fantastic job as their first "mommy". I will be forever grateful to you for that. They both have such loving, caring, and friendly personalities. You have made our family dreams come true. You truly are a "SAINT"!!! We look forward to adopting another wonderful saint from you in the future!!! :)

 Thank you with Love, Kristina

It is to you very soon!!!
 Thank you for loving both of your new babies so much :)  


Frank  wrote:  Great pics and the information is wonderful. We are deciding what to choose for our next four-legged family member. I sure love Saints! 

Thank you!!!
 Frank and thank you for taking the time to let me know  :)  It is so nice to find nice notes here  :)

Donna  said:  Hi there Jackie, I spoke to you a couple days ago about the puppies, Hoping Happy will have her babies soon so I can see all of them 

I do apologize Donna for the wait.  The litter of 16 was more than a handful  and we had to call in Babysitters for help.  
I know everyone is waiting and restraining themselves until the pictures show up.    
The pups are always the priority and the photos etc get put on the back burner.   Text for for the quickest response.
I can snap a photo and send it faster than with the camera, upload, resize and all of that   :)


 Ana said: Carlos and I are eternally grateful for our beautiful Hannah!!! She is lovable and sweet, and she is very happy. We read about the tips for her, and are learning a lot. Thank you so much for a wonderful Christmas present.

Ana, we did it   :)
What a long, long rainy night.............she is a Princess for sure!!!
Thank you for the beautiful pictures and your kind words.


Jackie, thank you so much! We could not have asked for a puppy any more perfect than Kallie. Her personality is so calm, friendly, and sweet. She has been the perfect addition to our family and home. Everywhere we go I get compliments on how gorgeous and well tempered she is. I can’t wait to start her training classes to become a therapy dog. After meeting her and getting to know her personality even more I truly believe being a therapy dog is her passion. Again, I cannot thank you enough for everything you have done!
                                                                                      Kayla, Mario, and Princess 

Thank you Kayla, of course my best to Mario and kiss Kallie.   Good luck with all the plans with her.  I know that you and Kallie will succeed and you know that I am here, always!

Bobbi wrote:

Hi. I love saints and your pups are so pretty!

Thank you Bobbi and thank you for taking the time to write  :)


Gabrielle wrote

We love our saint from Jackie - Miss Nina! She is a princess and loves to think she is a little dog and sit in your lap.

Gabrielle, thank you for visiting and the lovely note!!!   It is so nice to hear from you.   You have my email...we should catch up.  Say Hello to Thomas for us  :)
 Hug your baby, Nina twice, once for me and once for Joe :)  Oh and her other Mom and Dad too.

Dear Jackie and Joey, First of all, we would like to thank you so very much for being such awesome “first parents” to Raider. Thank you for keeping us so involved with all of the pictures, e-mails, texts, and phone calls during his first 8 weeks of life. The first time I talked to you, I could tell that you truly cared about the pups. Raider is doing awesome. His first vet visit (with us) was today, and everyone was amazed at how beautiful of a Saint Bernard he is. The kids have been teaching him fetch; although he is still learning how to give the ball back.  He already knows “sit,” is almost completely potty trained, and walks on the leash without pulling (when I stop, he stops); he is so smart, and he is only 8 weeks old! Although he loves playing with me, he gets really excited when “daddy” gets home. Rob isn’t setting down for five minutes, and he puts his paws on the seat of his recliner for him to lift him on his lap; however, the way he is growing, he won’t be doing that for long.  Again, thank you; we can’t tell you enough how impressed we are! Raider is such a great addition to our family. We can’t wait to share years of stories as he continues to grow; we would recommend you to anyone! Sincerely, The Bacon ‘s (Bekah, Rob, Niki, Alexis, Miah, and Amanda)

Thank you Bekah, you know that is has been my pleasure and a blast
for us too   :)    Hugs to you all  :)

I can't wait to see the photo and will put it here for everyone to see!!!



Dear Jackie thank you so much for our big little boy tike, he is doing awesome and has a great personality.

Thank you Charity!!!  We  wish you all the greatest of joy and a long happy, healthy life with that BIG Baby Tike  :)


Hi Thanks for your site about Saint Bernards. I just added a baby to our family. I didn't know much about them but she was too cute no to bring home.She is only five weeks old but just seems so small. The people I bought her from said she was ready to go but she couldn't even eat dry food and was very wobbly when she walked. I have her eating wet food right now. She sleeps more than she is awake. I have had her for about five days and she seems to be doing better. I have a vet appointment for her in a couple of days, Your website was helpful and I just wanted to say thanks

Please, call me about your little one............ 5 weeks is very soon to leave Mom.  You can pick up where she was taken away.    I will help all that I can  :)  There are many formulas to help  :)  You are not anytime!!!

Debbie 6/20/2013 2:19:21 PM (GMT)

I enjoyed your site. I too have a love for saints. my goal in the future is to have a large farm in Penn and foster saints. I currently belong to a beautiful 4 year old. I got him when he was 2. my life is complete since having him. nothing like looking up and seeing slobber on the ceiling. lol. I am coming to my home state of Mich in august for a reunion. would love to stop by and see your saints. thanks for providing such wonderful family additions.

Thank you, Debbie.  I appreciate the compliments :)
You are more that welcome to come visit...just call me anytime.   We will order a Pizza or something and talk Saint !!!

 _____________                              ____________________

Susan wrote:            

Love your site sweetie!! Since I don't have my Waylon yet I come here and look at all the pretty pictures of all the beautiful puppies and count the days I get to come up and see you and Joey and all the babies!! See you soon Hun!! Hugs to you, Susan

Thank you Susan!!!   It has been so much fun so far!!!  The real fun has not started yet. LOL
Thank you for letting me know about my messed up texts.   Shelley said it does that on her phone also and a few friends  LOL   We can't wait to meet you all   :)

I am going to put the ribbons up on the internet so everyone can enjoy them....sweet!!!  It is going to be like Christmas  :)

Thank you and don't forget, we will only be a phone call away..........that's forever!!!



Diane wrote
9/19/2013 12:28:20 AM (GMT)

Hi Jackie, You have a wonderful website. I could spend more than the hour I just did smiling and laughing at all the cute and loveable saints on your site. We used to have a Saint but need to return him to his previous owner - he was a rescue dog and we have done nothing but miss him and talk abut him for the past 4 years. We are finally moving to an 2.5 acre home with more space and are thinking about getting another Saint. Your new pups are so sweet. Thank you for sharing.

Hi Diane,Thank you for the compliments on the site and "The Saints".  As you, we are crazy about them too.  We couldn't live without them either   You are proof, again that when one has had a Saint than one usually will  always want one.  How special they are!!!   :  Thank you for taking the time to write and share the compliments with me!!!


Thank you for thinking of us while we are freezing here  LOL.  We loved the warm Florida wishes on the postcard  :)
   I wish that we were on the cruise too!!!
I hope you and Kristina are having a blast.   

Sammy is home with you...the card arrived later than expected!!!
When you get the the new phone...send pictures :)  We can't wait to see.
Hugs, Jackie & Joe


Dearest Jackie, I feel so extremely blessed to have met you and gotten to know you, and ultimately having you as a friend! You have always been there for me for years now, with all of the right answers to any saint Bernard questions I've ever had! You have went above and beyond helping me recently with my babies and I hope you know how much it has truly meant to me and my babies. I love knowing someone so much like me that I can relate to, and who doesn't see them as pets, but family members. I trust your judgment over any vets I've talked to, and always call you first! You are truly meant to do what you do and are wonderful at it! All of your babies are very fortunate to have the pampered whelping that they get, and the new owners can always know they are getting a quality addition to their family. No other saint breeder stays in such close contact with you and your baby the way you do and it shows just how much you love them!!! Thank you again from me and my babies!!:) xoxoxoxo Rabecca and Dixie

Hi Rabecca,
When you said that you were going to sign the guestbook...I did not expect to be reading this  :)  Thank you soooo much.!!!  I am so happy that we have met too.   I just love you, Dixie and all the pups too :)  I wish that I could have been there  :)  
You and Dixie did all the hard work.   You have such beautiful babies and YOU BOTH DID GREAT, my friend  :)  !!!!
Thanks again...Rabecca, I think you are incredible too!!! Everyone that gets one of your pups is also going to be very fortunate.    I hope that we have many years together  :)

Hugs and thank you for all your kind works.  It means so much  :)

Rabecca, I love this picture of you and Dixie - Thank you for sending!!!
Saint Bernard Hugs, Jackie


Ken, Amanda, Robbie and Kimber
jackie and joey aka bob aka kim aka aaron lol, wow this was so much fun through the whole process and you guys were just wonderful and such a huge help with making amanda's dream come true. you truly helped us top off a wonderful year and the start of our lives as a family. brutus is such a hit and him and kimber just cant seem to get enough of each other. it truly was my honor to have met you guys and i can not thank you enough for everything. looking forward to staying in contact as our boy gets bigger and we definitely now consider you guys as our friends. thanks again.

Hi Ken :) 
Thank you so much for writing!!!   
Yes, it was soooooo much fun and more.    It was more than exciting as I introduced Amanda to all the Big Dogs.  Oh her desire to have one was killing her and me ,hahhaha   It was so much fun trying to remember who we were suppose to be  LOL :)    It was so great and I couldn't be happier that you were able to pull it off and let us be such a big part of the surprise.   when you handed her Brutus........what a moment  :)
Thank you for everything and you know that I am just a phone call away ANYTIME:)

It was a pleasure and here is your babies page :).
Hugs to you all,
Jackie, Joe and all the Saints

Hey Jackie, I know that we speak from time to time and you know about her Tumblr to keep up to date, but I still wanted to drop a line here. Frostmourne is amazing. There is no other word for it. She's smart and affectionate and playful and beautiful. She is happy and eager and so well behaved. I know a lot of that comes from you being a responsible breeder who loves the breed and I am very grateful that we found you and you felt that we would be a good fit for our baby. It's funny, she doesn't often go by her full name in public because I think it confuses people, but people just love "Frost." The calls of "oh, is that a Saint Bernard?" or "look, Bethoveen!" just make me smile because how could you not notice Frostmourne? She's an amazing dog and even at just 6 months old I already know that she's going to be more than we could have hoped for and a perfect addition to our family. We love her so much and we're grateful to you for breeding and raising her right. Also, she's got some of her dad's coloring, how can you resist that black outline! She's a show stealer, that's for sure. Thanks again, FM's loving moms, Alicia and Em

Hi Em and Alicia,
I know that you both were so thrilled.. You had to  wait so long for her and then what a treat when you were able to hold and bring that baby home.  It was great to see that  :)  
 Thank you so much for all the compliments on Frost.  You know that I am going to agree on how special and great of a Saint she is  :)  
You both are so fantastic.   Frost couldn't ask for more love !!!!   I am thrilled to hear with each day you think she is more and more!!!  
Hugs to you both.   Thank you for writing.  I am of course  enjoying the pictures  :)    Call me anytime and thank you again, I was so happy to see the guestbook addition!!!!   :)

 Rondell Garnett 3/14/2015 11:57:59 PM (GMT)

I'am glad to know you francis (my new puppy) and I'll take care of you for all eternity on earth and in heaven. May God richly bless you, you are blessed.

Thank you, Rondell  :)  I appreciate you talking the time to write.  I am happy that you are happy with your new baby, Francis.



Such beautiful dogs

Barbara, Thank you!!!

Florene Jones 

Have 2 of my own and love my babies. Always love to see more.

Barbara, Please, keep visiting, we will have more pictures to share.
Jessica Negron   

Hi Jackie, I want to start off with thank you for taking care of our little girl Rosa! Rosa is so beautiful, her pictures do not do her justice. She is our first saint and as the days grow with her I don't think she is going to be our only saint. As far as possible saint parents go, I would highly recommend Jackie if you are looking for a saint. She has taken very good care of Rosa before she came to us and she is very informative. No matter what the question or time she will get you an answer and so far she has answered all my questions. She is also ligate, I say this because I live in florida and at first I was skeptical because I didn't know her and I did my research and she was! I will be more than happy to vouch for her if needed. Even though I have never physically met Jackie, the amount of time we have spent on the phone I enjoyed. She is kind spirited and patient. She will be a constant part of our life because of Rosa and we are grateful for that. Thank You Jackie!

Jessica, you are as kind as always.  I certainly enjoyed meeting you.   Thank you for the kind words and the confidence that you have expressed.
You are a blessing and so is that little baby, Rosa.  
I will think of you often  !!!


Marci 1/25/2016 3:16:58 AM (GMT)
Hi, I'm intrested in a beautiful pup, I've been directed to you several times but this time I'm signing the book:)

Hi, Marci,
Thank you so much.  I am happy that you did take the time!!!


Sherri Adkins 11/22/2015 3:00:02 AM (GMT)
Hi, Jackie! Jon and I are so excited and really looking forward to our puppy. We enjoyed your website! You are a beautiful lady! I am so glad we met, even if it is as phone/mail buddies!!! Your dogs are gorgeous. Love the Saint Bernard Christmas tree!!!!

Sherri,  We have only just begun.  We are going to share our lives together.  I thank you so much for all of your care and concern.  Thank you for loving the Big Dogs, pups and the Christmas Tree  :)




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Happy, We Love You!!!


We  Pamper Our AKC Saint Bernard Puppies

Thank you for visiting the Saints

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