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Do It Yourself :)

I Have Made My Own Saint Cookies and The Saint Bernards  Love Them!!!

The Cookies Where Not So Pretty , However,  They Were Very Creative   :) 

REMEMBER "You Have To Break An Egg To Eat It" - The Saints Did Not Mind

My Only Advice After Providing The Recipe, Don't Fill A Bag To Share And Hang On The Door Knob.

  I Was Going To Deliver A Bag Of Bone Shaped Cookies but Couldn't!!!  A thief or two in the night found them and ate them  :)  

I Awoke and The Bag Had A Large Whole In The Bottom and There Were Crumbs On The Floor  :)
 How Could I Get Upset, If It Was My Kind Of Cookie I Might Have Eaten Them Too!!!

This Is Where Learning From Others Mistakes Is Suppose To Be Beneficial :)

This recipe is so easy and you can’t go wrong or upset anyone’s system because
it is
their food already ....just perfect like the Saints.


Jackie's Saint Cookies   :)

There are no precise measurements…for my Saint Cookies.

I make my cookies just like my “puppy mush” in a 5 quart bucket though.

 You might not want to make so much LOL.  You can if you like  
and freeze them.  Thaw Before Feeding!!!

WHATEVER SIZE containers that you like fill ½ way with dry Kibble.  
 Add ¾ hot water and let it sit until it is moist.

A Potato hand masher is what I have found the easiest.   All you are really doing is mashing it to make the consistency even.   

The more water, the longer to bake.  Add as you go  :)  

Once your Kibble is soft and mixed up Add Peanut Butter.

Mixing Peanut Butter - I add about 5 tablespoons of Peanut Butter.  Don’t add too fast or too much as you do not want it sticky.

You can always add more Kibble and go back and forth. 
 There are no rules with this  :)

 If you want more or less Peanut Butter, just do it……….add one tablespoon more or less……..mix ingredients  after each introduction and
check to avoid that sticky consistency :)

Make them in many shapes and sizes,
Your Babies Are Going To Love Them :)

The thickness is what matters........roll them in a ball. Press with the bottom of plate or a Rolling Pen.  All Cookies should be even as this will make them cook evenly.  You can decorate the top by pressing a fork on them too  :)

Bake in a preheated to 425 and bake 40-45 minutes. Add more or less time until firm and deep golden brown.  Set aside to let cool completely.

 The cooking time is going to depend on the amount of water.  It's a guessing game :)

If you live in Michigan and it is Winter just  take outside and it will be ready to serve almost immediately.  It’s Always Freezing  :)


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 Please, Write Me And Let Me Know What You Think  :)
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We Pamer Our Saints!!!

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