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We Are In Florida - We Ship Puppies. 

AKC Saint Bernard Puppies - We Pamper Our Saints

    Forever and Responsible Homes
We ask a reasonable adoption fee and we 
do not offer discounts.
 The adoption price is the same for everyone
We do not sell our pups to pet stores.   It is important that I personally
know the parents of my puppies.
 I want to speak with you and I need to get a feel about
you.  This is how I do things.   My "gut feelings " tell us what we need to know.  I want to hear your stories, joy, and of course how you will care for your puppy.

 It's about us all making decisions that are right for the puppy and family. It is my job to help you determine that.  I am here to educate as well as provide a puppy.  Do you think one of my puppies is right for you, lets talk. 

The policy is "first come, first serve" and we do offer the opportunity to reserve a puppy.  Reserving a puppy will means you get a puppy when they become available.  Again, all puppies are the same price.   We offer full and limited registrations from the American Kennel Club.

Thank you for sharing your lives with us.  We spend a large amount of time to get
great homes for our Akc Saint Bernard puppies because it is important.  We want you all to have a 
happy and long life.


Thank you,


Saint Bernard Puppies In Florida
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