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My Disclaimer for myself and the website Akc Saint Bernard Puppies located at http://www.AkcSaintBernardPuppies.Com

 Please know that it is because we love our Saints that we have this website.  They are why we share the stories and photos  :) We thrive on the thrills and unique happenings that come with having Saint Bernards.  Most individuals that visit the site share the same love with a Saint of their own.    

 Saint Bernards complete our home!!!  We love them, they love us and they are our family.   They bring us countless hours of amusement and joy. We can't live without them  :)
I am not discriminating :)
I think no less of any other canine, however,  I only breed Saint Bernards.
 I believe that it is appropriate. I have no desire to introduce other Canines on the this website.  It's all about the Saint Bernard and the AKC Saint Bernard Puppies. 

Please, don't write me emails telling me this.  Honestly, I do know that I have only Saints on my site. That is the way it is and the way it will stay.
Saint Bernards all the way!!! :)

 It's the Big Dogs for us!!!
The Saint Bernards that are in our home, our life and our hearts.   :)

Some pictures come from the the mail, our friends and from people that like our site! 

Most of the articles are written for this site and owned by this site.  I do have roughly four that I
don't know who to give credit to.   I have them marked as unknown and I do not plagiarize.
You are welcome to ask me anything but please know that I am not a doctor!!!

Medically, if I am asked a question about health care, of course, I will tell 
you what I know.   I will tell you what I would do and what products that we use.
I am not able to diagnose but I can give my personal opinion.  My advice is from my personal knowledge and experience.  My knowledge is not to replace medical advice from a licensed Vet.
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Saint Bernard books, gifts and collectables

Picking up puppies take place in the late afternoons, only.  
This is by appointment only. 

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We are located in Florida.  We ship puppies to you via the airlines.

There are many times that we may be able to arrange ground transport.  

AKC Saint Bernard Puppies for sale in florida
Thank you for visiting.

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