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We Pamper Our Saints!
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Protecting Us and the Puppies.
  It is our priority.  We thank you for understanding.

The Coronavirus/ Covid-19;  We all know the situation concerning the pandemic.   We cannot allow visitors at this time.   It is March 27.  I do believe that we are going to have a mandatory lockdown.  If we want to save our people I believe that this is the only way.

As always, we will have the pictures, videos, facetime and more.

We take caution with the pups and pregnant Moms. We must minimize exposure as much as possible.  This is a serious issue.  Some Breeders do not know the risks that they take when they allow visitors. Many of us have chosen not to allow visitors because it is about safety.   It is about safety for our pets and us.   

Now, with the Coronavirus; we are experiencing a pandemic and we acting accordingly.
We are in this together and I pray for us all.

Pet stores are  for everyone to enjoy. We live in a private home.   


We Pamper Our Saints!

989 460-7960

Choosing the puppy that you want.
The choices are going to be limited and that is why we have the Reserve/Waiting list.
We will have a list for ROUGH COAT AND SMOOTH COAT MALES, FEMALES.  You will make your choice and be put on the list.  If there are not enough puppies, your money is not lost it will transfer to the next litter.
We know that many of you have waited and that is why we, now, provide the Waiting/Reserve list. This guarantees that you do get a call from me.   I waited two years for my Male puppy and I do know how hard it is.
It is all that we can offer to make the wait less.   We are excited also for the babes and look forward to the upcoming litters.

You will get a phone call or a picture.  Honestly, the pictures going out are more fun to have pop up in a text.   If the hour is very early, I will wait until the working hours.   Then the phone and videos begin.
Many times it is overwhelming as circumstances constantly can change and a routine must be set.   Many times it does take us a few days or more to get into that perfect rhythm.  We are busy with newborns, Vet appointments for getting Dew Claws removed.   

You will all be given the opportunity to pick out your puppy in the same order that the WAITING LIST and RESERVE LIST was made.  You are aware of the number in which you hold on the list.  Those number are subject to change depending if others are waiting.

Protecting the Saint Bernard Puppies
 is our first priority.  We thank you for understanding.


Did you know that when pups are born their immune systems are developing?

 This is so and that is why we take such caution with the pups. We must minimize their exposure to only us and health care providers.  This is a serious issue and we take care to protect our puppies.   No offense is meant to anyone but having the puppies handled is limited at such an early stage.

Puppies do not maintain or regulate a temperature.  Yes, it is Science.
We provide heat lamps in order to keep the puppies warm.  For the proper care and management of new born puppies the environment has to be warm.   For this reason,
they snuggle up to one another and to their mother.  At this time the temperature
of the whelping box is 80-90F. 

They get bigger everyday!!!

It is best to let puppies do what they would do just as if they were in the wild, (eat, sleep and grow). 

We handle the pups to help with feeding and change/clean their area.  It is best not to allow others to handle the puppies during their first 4 weeks of life. We do all we can to help with socialization.  We try to give you the best that we possibly can.  Socialization is a must.Socialization begins with your Breeder and their beliefs.    I am a big believer in socializing the pups.My work will have lasting effects for a lifetime and makes a happy puppy  :)   The critical time spent with me (The Breeder) is going to provide positive or negative results and will last a lifetime.  We believe it is imperative to provide exposure to all and we do all we can!   Read more about Saint Bernard Breeders .

Waiting the eight weeks

We know waiting is very hard. Waiting for your pup to fly to you or for you to come and pick  him/her or them up.  Eight weeks last a very long time when waiting for such a furry baby full of unlimited love and energy.  Looking at it as being beneficial for your pup is the best way.  The  weeks mean that they are with Momma and Litter mates.
Time together mean the happier and healthier they will be  :)  

I do my best to provide photos, videos, emails and texts.   I have waited too for pups and I remember how long it is.    If you have heard of us and our puppies than you know that the time is most valuable for the Saint Bernard puppies.  It's what we explain on a daily basis as we are asked if pups can be picked up sooner.
We keep our babies safe.  Knowing your pup is well protected will be of comfort to you.    

You are more than welcome to call anytime and ask, check, listen..........don't hesitate to call.
I am happy to share the barking on the phone and the stories.  You can call to hear your puppy eat,and play. When they make noises and when they learn to bark.:)

Keeping The Saint Bernard Babies Warm  :)

Puppy’s Age

Puppies Room Temperature

Newborn to 7 days

80º to 90ºF

Day 8 to 14

80º to 85ºF

Day 15 to 21

75º to 80ºF

Day 22 to 28

70º to 75ºF

  They are always nice and toasty.
  When you think of your pup, what you can think of is them all
snuggled together :)  

They are as cute as ever!!!  

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We want to see you with your puppy too  :)

Computers, the internet, its a new world
Breeders use to advertise in the newspapers when the pups were almost ready to go home.  Now, photos are up on the internet, waiting lists are presented, money is wired and puppies fly on air planes.   Things certainly have changed!!!  

Momma Dogs
Our Momma Dogs, are caring for a litter of newborn babies.  They are nervous, they are watchful and they keep their eyes on us when we take a pup.  They listen for any squeak from the pups.   We like them to have the comfort that comes with a tranquil atmosphere.  We keep the noise down and have everything quiet in order for her to get the rest she needs.  Mammas are exhausted and needs sleep  :)  It takes time for them to get rested.  We are exhausted and we also need to sleep.

Once, Yodel was at the Vets and saw a poster on the wall.  That poster had two dogs on it, one big and one small.   She walked up to the poster to see about that puppy. I sure wish that I had that on film.   She scanned the office for any threat to her babies. 

Saint Bernards are the best, I think the most incredible and enjoyable.  They are so lovable.  All my girls are marvelous Mothers.  We give them time to bond with the babies and recover from giving birth.     

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Healthy Puppies  
   There are many people that like to spend the day out out puppy stores  and places that have animals.I do not know where people have been.  Please, don't ask us to put our babies at risk.   

Please, think that the baby I am protecting might be yours.

Also be considerate of others and remember they have entrusted me to care for their baby for eight weeks.  My job is to meet the needs of the babies and keep them free from harm.  Once again, they are not protected against diseases and these germs are everywhere.  The diseases live on clothes and are transferred from person to animal and that can result in death for a puppy.   We know that some of you may not understand this but this is true.   Some diseases are like that common cold.  We protect against exposure. 

 We  know visiting is fun but what you may not know is that it is putting these pups lives in danger.  

The Babysitter 

At times puppies are bought for a certain occasions, sometimes they are not ready to go home on that special date.  I have been asked to provide stuffed Saint Bernard Puppies to be given gifts.  I can't store stuffed animals, however,
 you will be able to find many gifts, including stuffed Saint Bernard puppies.  Find Saint Bernard a Saint Bernard Lover, I could not ask for more, enjoy!

Also if you need me to keep your puppy longer, please, just let me know.
 I am  "The Babysitter."

When puppies are eight weeks old than they able to be fly.
 Flights are scheduled on weekends.  We also work hard to get a direct flight.
We do this and then check availability and then book.

 See the Saint Bernard Puppies.

 Always call for updates.

Picking up puppies take place in the afternoons, only.  This is by appointment only. 

We thank you for your understanding,


saint bernard puppies, saint Bernard Puppies Florida

 We are in Florida and will now ship to The North.  Michigan is a popular state for us.  Just because we live in Florida does not mean our Saint Bernard Puppies stay here. 
 Call us if you want a Saint Bernard Puppy Shipped To You.  :)  

We Pamper Our Saints!

 989/ 460-7960

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