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 It is essential that your Saint is socialized as much as possible.  You should want to take your baby where you go and have fun!!!  I love the Gentle Leader.  It leads your pups and big dog by the nose.   It also makes training easier and much more fun.   

The Gentle Leader - We Love It

Expose your puppy to the outside world,  i'ts still a new world to your young puppy.   They need to encounter strangers, be greeted by other dogs, children and animals.
 The sights, the sounds, the fun, exercise and the fresh air  :)


Training and Socializing, is a critical part of your Saint Bernard puppies life.   It is critical for your Saint’s ongoing development. The  degree of exposure for your Saint puppy should continue for the well being of your puppy.   Your puppy should be purposefully taking out for this reason!!!

  Set out to go to the best places AND have a blast!!!  Your Saint Bernard puppy needs to experience as many environmental situations as possible, so that phobias do not develop. Children like dogs develop and grow.  Give your puppy what he/she needs.

Plan a fun trip to the park  and or  Doggy Daycare.  Puppies have what seems endless energy
 and they need play time, running and they need to use that energy.  They will be eating your shoes, furniture and become anxious and unhappy if they are not allowed to learn and play.

 They need to spend time outside and learn what life is about.  
They are so curious as puppies should be  :)  

akc saint bernard puppies

Pack up the car, make a picnic or do what we do, go to a drive thur and then meet at your favorite spot.
 Walking and exploring its something that most of us do enjoy.  Your Saint Bernard Puppy will enjoy spending time outside with you and it is great for everyone.

 It's all easy to do and there must be time allowed and set aside in your day for this important period.  Exercise each day.   Start and exercise program for yourself and your puppy  :)
  Frank is walking Plato everyday and feeling great!!!

Check out all the beautiful leaches and collars.  It is a fun time. I can't wait to see what you all get.
  I enjoy the pictures very much.

Saints are BIG DOGS and need to exposed to everything and become accustomed to what life is. The many sights and the sounds of people and traffic.
Thunderstorms are not to be forgotten as they will happen in the future.  

Don't let your puppy be afraid of noises and the unfamiliar   :)  It's up to you.

 Do not comfort your pup when fearful, IGNORE the fearful behavior. If you focus on it then you make it worse.  In fact you are going to make it continue.  Act as if all if normal.

As with humans, pets need to be familiar in order to be comfortable and confident. 

 Social development is just as important as general health your pups well being. 

Always keep in mind that Veterinarians tell us that your puppy is not 100% protected until
all puppy vaccinations are complete.  Once the course of vaccinations are complete than you are able to venture out without worry   :)

For my Saints, it' a rule, we walk but not too far. We only go far enough, always keeping in mind that we have to walk back. It should not be too hot or they can and will overheat!!!

Make having your Saint Bernard puppy a pleasure. 
Going out meeting and greeting should be a joy and not a chore!!!

Doggy Day Care 

Check out Nina in the News ..........a link to your left.   She loves Day Care.  Her Mom and Dad know that their baby needs when they have to go to work.  Nina, is in the newspaper.  Beautiful Nina...We applaud your Mom and Daddy  :)

Puppies get bored.  Boredom leads to destruction.  
Keep your puppy happy and healthy, visit the local Doggy Day Care.

Thank you,


We Pamper Our Saints!



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